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Google suspends business with Huawei
20 May 2019
Huawei breaks price ceiling with US$2,600 folding 5G smartphone
25 Feb 2019
Samsung beats rivals to launch first 5G smartphone
21 Feb 2019
Razer Phone 2 lands in Malaysia
15 Jan 2019
Samsung launches Galaxy A9 and A7 smartphones
13 Oct 2018
Apple unveils larger iPhone, health-conscious watch
13 Sep 2018
Xiaomi courts fans, investors at glitzy launch
1 Jun 2018
Shooting in Penang and a man hit by multiple gunshots
26 May 2018
China stops drones that smuggle smartphones
1 Apr 2018
Park Bo Gum draws massive crowd at Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ launch
15 Mar 2018
Samsung launches Galaxy S9 with focus on social media
26 Feb 2018
Ringing up trouble on the road
21 Nov 2017
Hands off the phone on the road
19 Nov 2017
The iPhone 8 could face delays at launch: WSJ
8 Sep 2017