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Clashes in Shanghai as Covid protests flare
28 Nov 2022
Kenyan avocados to be showcased at import expo in Shanghai
1 Nov 2022
Inhalable Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial ongoing, says Khairy
28 Oct 2022
China's 39th Antarctic expedition begins
28 Oct 2022
Shanghai to provide world's first inhaled vaccine as booster shot amid mutation
27 Oct 2022
China's Xi clinches third term, packs CPC leadership with loyalists
23 Oct 2022
Factory in Shanghai churns out British flags
19 Sep 2022
Xi and Putin to meet on sidelines of SCO summit
15 Sep 2022
New delivery modes make coffee drinking easier, more popular in Shanghai
19 Aug 2022
Shanghai's first self-driving test lane put into use
20 Jul 2022
The Straits Times | A tale of two shophouses
11 Jul 2022
Four people stabbed by assailant in shocking incident at major Shanghai hospital
9 Jul 2022
E-commerce business sees robust recovery at Shanghai airport in June
27 Jun 2022
Dr Wee: Delays in repairing LRT escalators and lifts due to lack of parts
16 Jun 2022
In Shanghai, lockdown blues make way for Covid testing gripes
3 Jun 2022
Retro Recipe: Drunken chicken
1 Jun 2022
Shops, restaurants reopening in Shanghai as COVID-19 under control
27 May 2022
Shanghai maintains car exports despite Covid-19 resurgence
27 May 2022
Shanghai gradually resumes public transit
23 May 2022
Shanghai reopens commercial outlets as epidemic abates
21 May 2022
Shanghai reopening commercial outlets with resurgence under control
17 May 2022
Community-based virus testing sites, dynamic health codes help Shanghai fight Covid-19
14 May 2022
China’s express delivery sector recovering from March setback due to Covid-19
7 May 2022
Malaysian designer portrays Shanghai lockdown through NFTs
6 May 2022
"Robot volunteer" aids Shanghai community's epidemic fight
5 May 2022
Shanghai’s courier industry gradually resumes operation
3 May 2022
Shanghai sees faster pace of work resumption
2 May 2022
Shanghai restaurants, retail shops gradually resume business amid Covid-19 pandemic
30 Apr 2022
Drones used to bring medicine to cancer patient in Shanghai
30 Apr 2022
Beijing sees more closure of businesses as China ramps up Covid-19 fight
29 Apr 2022
Beijing ups Covid-19 curbs, fears Shanghai-like misery
28 Apr 2022
Beijing presses on with mass Covid-19 testing
27 Apr 2022
Shanghai couple mark would-be wedding with photos
27 Apr 2022
Medics take shifts to ensure 24h operation of Shanghai's makeshift hospitals
26 Apr 2022
100th baby born at Shanghai’s designated hospital amid Covid-19 resurgence
25 Apr 2022
Shanghai Anti-COVID Diary 17: Migrant couple
24 Apr 2022
Staff sleep at supermarket to keep Shanghai fed
21 Apr 2022
Drones help deliver Covid-19 medicine, anti-virus supplies to Shanghai residents
19 Apr 2022
Shanghai targets Covid-19 turning point, say sources
17 Apr 2022
China continues to breach the 3,000 mark in symptomatic Covid-19 cases
17 Apr 2022
How communities in Shanghai cope with Covid-19 surge
16 Apr 2022
Scuffle between police personnel and residents in Shanghai resolved
15 Apr 2022
A day in Shanghai's makeshift hospital for Covid-19 patients
15 Apr 2022
Shanghai residents angered by continued Covid-19 lockdown
14 Apr 2022
Automatic Covid-19 sampling machine unveiled in Shanghai
14 Apr 2022
Inside Shanghai's makeshift hospitals for Covid-19 treatment
10 Apr 2022
Shanghai's largest makeshift hospital put into use to treat Covid-19 patients
9 Apr 2022
Frontline workers go all out to combat Covid-19 in Shanghai
8 Apr 2022
Medics rush to Shanghai to aid Covid-19 battle
7 Apr 2022
Shanghai's 1st parent-child quarantine area becomes operational
6 Apr 2022
Smart technologies aid Shanghai's fight against COVID-19 resurgence
6 Apr 2022
Thousands of medics nationwide rushing to aid Shanghai in Covid-19 response
5 Apr 2022
Foreign entities confident in China's market despite resurgence of Covid-19
3 Apr 2022
Shanghai builds drone network for publicity, delivery amid Covid-19 resurgence
2 Apr 2022
Mass Covid-19 nucleic acid tests underway in Shanghai’s Puxi area
2 Apr 2022
Shanghai goes full throttle to stem Covid-19 resurgence
31 Mar 2022
Shanghai expands Covid lockdown
30 Mar 2022
Expats in Shanghai volunteer in fight against Covid-19 resurgence
27 Mar 2022
First batch of imported Pfizer's Paxlovid Covid-19 pills arrives in Shanghai
19 Mar 2022
China sees highest Covid-19 cases since Wuhan outbreak
16 Mar 2022
Trash to treasure: Secondhand market booms in China
9 Feb 2022
Chinese New Year in eyes of British vlogger
4 Feb 2022
Foreign actors celebrate the Year of the Tiger in Shanghai
4 Feb 2022
Evolution of Shanghai's mixed culture offers opportunities for French chef
29 Jan 2022
Residents in Beijing and Shanghai enjoy Christmas Eve
26 Dec 2021
Shanghai cafe pioneers anti-dementia efforts
21 Nov 2021
Beijing Stock Exchange kicks off trading with mixed performance
15 Nov 2021
Exciting products at CIIE push boundaries
9 Nov 2021
Turkish businessmen see potential in Chinese market
7 Nov 2021
Import Expo golden chance for Pakistani businessman
2 Nov 2021
Shanghai Disney Resort temporarily closed for epidemic control
1 Nov 2021
First China-Europe freight train with CIIE goods arrives in Shanghai
30 Oct 2021
Starbucks opens first Greener Store outside of N. America in Shanghai
9 Oct 2021
China sees robust spending during holiday season
8 Oct 2021
First exhibit of 4th China import expo clears customs
29 Sep 2021
Shanghai beefs up safety measures as Typhoon Chanthu hovers nearby
14 Sep 2021
China's Y-20 heavy transport aircraft debuts at SCO "Peace Mission 2021"
13 Sep 2021
China's esports powerhouse hit by new rules
7 Sep 2021
Light show on Hogwarts Castle at Universal Beijing Resort
28 Aug 2021
Buskers in Shanghai attract young generation to join in
28 Aug 2021
Shanghai starts vaccinating teenagers aged 15-17 against Covid-19
14 Aug 2021
ChinaJoy held in Shanghai with strict Covid-19 prevention measures
9 Aug 2021
AI canteen put into service in Shanghai
3 Aug 2021
Chinese cities enter hottest days of summer
13 Jul 2021
Shanghai Disney Resort celebrates fifth birthday
16 Jun 2021
An airplane "doctor"
12 Jun 2021
2021 Thai festival held in Shanghai
3 Jun 2021
"Paw-fect" coffee brewed by hearing-impaired barista melts your heart
12 May 2021
Auto Shanghai 2021 begins to embrace change
21 Apr 2021
Cutting-edge technology shines at international technology fair in Shanghai
20 Apr 2021
Old meets new at Shanghai Fashion Week
13 Apr 2021
Ancient village takes on a new look
7 Apr 2021
Shanghai offers Covid-19 vaccine for foreign residents
1 Apr 2021
North Korean embassy staff leaving Malaysia, ending 48 years of diplomatic ties
21 Mar 2021
Shanghai residents enjoy beauty of Spring
3 Mar 2021
China Daily | Taste Buds: Shanghainese breakfast crawl
2 Jan 2021
China welcomes 2021
1 Jan 2021
Christmas celebrations in China, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Palestine
25 Dec 2020
Covid-19: Shanghai supermarkets disinfect cold-chain products
25 Nov 2020