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Dr Sahruddin sworn in as new Johor Mentri Besar
14 Apr 2019
Osman has resigned as Johor MB, Dr M confirms
9 Apr 2019
GE14 tribunal undecided if decision should be made public or submitted directly to the King
1 Apr 2019
Three MPs resigned from PAC when absent from hearing, says Ismail Sabri
28 Mar 2019
Zuraida: Nurul Izzah quitting is nothing new
27 Mar 2019
Opposition MPs quit PAC en masse
25 Mar 2019
Takiyuddin: PAC effective if chairman from Opposition
25 Mar 2019
In major blow to Canada's Trudeau, second minister quits over scandal
5 Mar 2019
Tribunal findings may be academic since former EC members had resigned
28 Jan 2019
Sultan Muhammad V steps down as King
6 Jan 2019
Taiwan president resigns as ruling party boss after election defeat
25 Nov 2018
‘High noon’ at PH presser
3 Nov 2018
Nikki Haley resigns as Trump's UN ambassador
10 Oct 2018
MH370: Civil Aviation head resigns after safety probe released
31 Jul 2018
Loke: Isa Samad has resigned as SPAD chairman on May 28
30 May 2018
Changes to top brass in govt agencies amid probe
14 May 2018
Shahrizat: If Umno is irrelevant, Datuk Sri Najib would not have resigned
12 May 2018
Maria Chin only wants to stand in parliamentary seat
6 Mar 2018
U.S. ambassador to Panama resigns
13 Jan 2018
Eduardo Vingada quits as national football team coach
7 Dec 2017
Two Perak Pribumi leaders quit party posts
19 Oct 2017