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Wisconsin parade rampage suspect gets US$5mil bail
24 Nov 2021
Two killed, four wounded in Idaho shooting
26 Oct 2021
Eight killed in Russian varsity shooting
20 Sep 2021
Police identify four RMAF personnel killed in shooting incident
13 Aug 2021
Head of region calls Kazan school shooting a tragedy for Russia
11 May 2021
Trump launches message board ahead of Facebook ban
5 May 2021
US Sikh group wants 'bias' probe of Indianapolis FedEx rampage
18 Apr 2021
Biden, Harris condemn attacks on Asian Americans
20 Mar 2021
Suspect arrested in Georgia massage parlour shootings
17 Mar 2021
Gunman kills at least 16 in Nova Scotia in Canada's worst mass shooting
20 Apr 2020
Many signs shooter in Germany acted on right-wing, racist motives, say officials
20 Feb 2020
Thai army chief in tearful apology for mass shooting by rogue soldier
11 Feb 2020
Grieving families ascertain those perished in Thailand shooting
9 Feb 2020
Thai PM says shooting rampage suspect had conflict with his commander over house deal
9 Feb 2020
DPM expresses condolence to families of victims in Thailand shooting
9 Feb 2020
Thai mass shooter killed in shopping mall rampage
9 Feb 2020
Trump: Soleimani's bloody rampage is forever gone
4 Jan 2020
Elephant rampages through crowd at Sri Lankan festival
10 Sep 2019
Five killed, including gunman, 21 injured in West Texas shooting
1 Sep 2019
Brits helped restrain Sydney attacker
14 Aug 2019
Ten people, including suspected assailant, killed in Dayton, Ohio shooting
4 Aug 2019
Gunman kills at least 20 in El Paso shooting
4 Aug 2019
Arrested: Five unhappy customers who went on restaurant rampage
27 Feb 2019
Driver of rampaging RapidKL bus remanded
18 Aug 2018
The Rock: "Apa khabar, Malaysia"
11 Apr 2018
Less than half of 20 elephants captured after rampage
5 Mar 2018
Bodyguard accused on shooting rampage trial to start next May
14 Dec 2017
Book on Prebet Adam rampage incident a hit with readers
19 Aug 2017