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Unhappy with DBKL's car clamping, man protests on a car
20 Feb 2018
Protests against gun violence in US schools
20 Feb 2018
Protests against gun violence in schools
20 Feb 2018
Selangor EC receives 200 protests over redelineation exercise
13 Feb 2018
Seaside resort relocates Buddha from beach after strong protests
13 Feb 2018
Desa Petaling residents and business operators protest against development of open field
12 Feb 2018
Group wants RCI on Memali
9 Feb 2018
US embassy at ease with Malaysians protesting against Jerusalem decision
8 Feb 2018
Pribumi members protest seats allocation at Negri Sembilan Pakatan Harapan convention
28 Jan 2018
For some Bollywood fans, 'Padmaavat' gets a thumbs up
26 Jan 2018
Felda settlers and smallholders protest against EU’s palm oil ban
16 Jan 2018
Sabah Rela holds peaceful protest outside Shafie's house over remarks
16 Jan 2018
Iran holds pro-government rallies instead
3 Jan 2018
Iran protests grow, death toll mounts
2 Jan 2018
Iranian protesters defy warning of crackdown
1 Jan 2018
Fuel price protest will proceed as planned, organisers say
26 Dec 2017
Bandar Mahkota Cheras business owners protest against hawker site
26 Dec 2017
Violent clashes in Peru after ex-leader pardoned
26 Dec 2017
Cabinet to discuss proposal to set up embassy in East Jerusalem, says defence minister
20 Dec 2017
U.N. decries Israel's killing of Gaza amputee
20 Dec 2017
EU resumes official contacts with Thai junta
12 Dec 2017
Pakatan Harapan to hold rally to protest US' Jerusalem move
12 Dec 2017
Arab world protests Trump's stance on Israel
11 Dec 2017
At least two dead in 'Day of Rage' over Jerusalem
9 Dec 2017
Muslims around Asia and Mideast condemn Trump's Jerusalem move
8 Dec 2017
Umno Youth sends memo to US embassy over Trump's Jerusalem move
8 Dec 2017
Court frees Adam Adli of all charges from #KitaLawan rally
28 Nov 2017
Protesters urge government to reinstate fuel subsidy
21 Nov 2017
Mugabe defies demands to quit, defying party and protesters
20 Nov 2017
Nine Penang BN reps storm out after hill slope development motion amended
14 Nov 2017
‘Young Masters’ group staged protest against hillside development in Penang
13 Nov 2017
Trump's effigy set on fire in protests against his Philippines visit
13 Nov 2017
Taman Seri Setia flat residents living in fear of floods
12 Nov 2017
Parliamentarians petition for Petronas to pull out from Myanmar
8 Nov 2017
Kenya in turmoil over incomplete polls
29 Oct 2017
Budget 2018: Group protests fuel prices outside Parliament
27 Oct 2017
Spain says it will sack Catalan leaders
22 Oct 2017
SAM urges Kedah government to stop logging and sand mining activities on Gunung Inas
21 Oct 2017
Lexington removes two Confederate statues
18 Oct 2017
Catalonia refuses to back down on independence
18 Oct 2017
IGP: We'll reject Pakatan Harapan's plan to hold rally at Padang Timur
13 Oct 2017
Ice cream in protest against beer fest
10 Oct 2017
On Putin's birthday, opposition activists protest and call for him to quit
9 Oct 2017
Rajoy: Spain will continue to be Spain for a long time
8 Oct 2017
Nine arrested in demolition protest
4 Oct 2017
Bersih urges EAIC to investigate Bersih 5 'police harassment' cases
3 Oct 2017
Spanish police move to prevent Catalonia independence vote
1 Oct 2017
NFL-Trump anthem protests feud spills over across U.S.
25 Sep 2017
NGOs protest against beer festival in Shah Alam
22 Sep 2017
Taman Melawati residents protest against cancellation of proposed public park
9 Sep 2017
Coalition of NGOs holds rally at Myanmar embassy
8 Sep 2017
Two demos in support of Rohingya to be held on Friday
7 Sep 2017
Women activists to protest against “toxic” politics
24 Aug 2017
Protest against the demolition of Customs quarters
23 Aug 2017
Protests erupt after Donald Trump's rally in Arizona
23 Aug 2017
Car plows into crowd at white nationalist rally in Virginia
13 Aug 2017
Mongolians protest as bulldozers threaten Beatles monument
12 Aug 2017
Thai nationals in California protested over slow recovery of accident victim's remains
10 Aug 2017
‘Kamisan’ protest continues to be met with silence
4 Aug 2017
"What is the real situation in Mindanao?", Catholic nun asks
26 May 2017
Another orang asli blockade
30 Oct 2016