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Battling drug menace is my top priority as Home Minister, says Hamzah Zainudin
17 Jun 2020
Dr M: Govt to build 100,000 affordable homes by year end
2 May 2019
Dr M: EAC for govt to listen to different views on economy
12 Feb 2019
Newly-elected Miros chairman aims to lower ‘kapcai’ deaths
4 Feb 2019
High-level meeting called to prepare Defence White Paper
29 Jan 2019
Azhar Harun: First, electoral roll needs to be cleaned
24 Sep 2018
PNB: Priorities in 2018
29 Mar 2018
New IGP says counter-terrorism a priority
4 Sep 2017
The Spotlight: Budget 2017's priorities: Jobs &Wages
14 Oct 2016
MRCB: Dividend growth in step with performance
1 Jun 2016