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Strict limits and sparse crowds at this year's haj
30 Jul 2020
Zulkifli reconfirms no haj for Malaysian Muslims this year
23 Jun 2020
Health DG: Don't discriminate pilgrims from tabligh cluster
24 Mar 2020
Millions converge for Day of Arafat
10 Aug 2019
Dr M: Tabung Haji plays effective role in ensuring welfare of haj pilgrims
4 Aug 2019
Thousands attend St Anne’s Feast
28 Jul 2019
Ismail Sabri: Defend Tabung Haji as ‘economic jihad’
9 Apr 2019
Tabung Haji to give lowest ever hibah of 1.25% for depositors
5 Apr 2019
Amal to serve Haj and Umrah pilgrims in Southeast Asia
12 Feb 2019
Mujahid: Tabung Haji depositors need not return 'hibah'
8 Jan 2019
Tabung Haji senior exec freed after 4-day remand over graft probe
22 Dec 2018
Hajj: Pilgrims pray in Arafat
21 Aug 2018
Stiffer penalties for tour operators who cheat Umrah pilgrims
2 Jul 2018
Pilgrims fall victim to airline ticket scam
26 Feb 2018
Zahid: Don't joke about hajj pilgrimage
27 Aug 2017