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Lim: No money and land paid to the contractor for undersea tunnel project
23 Jan 2018
‘Tudung’ slapper arrested
22 Jan 2018
Penang BN: How can land deal take place when there's no proper land?
20 Jan 2018
Companies involved in Penang undersea tunnel project told to clarify position
19 Jan 2018
Two Datuks in Penang undersea tunnel probe freed on bail
19 Jan 2018
Penang Island gets a new mayor
17 Jan 2018
Faulty lifts leave flat residents fuming
16 Jan 2018
Remand extended for two high-ranking bosses in Penang tunnel probe
15 Jan 2018
Gerakan confident of more Penang seats in GE14
14 Jan 2018
Taiwan’s ‘Auntie Chen’ meets fans at dimsum roadshow
13 Jan 2018
Celebrate Asia at Dimsum's roadshow
12 Jan 2018
All ready for school – but it’s a no-go
12 Jan 2018
Bite into sweeter Mandarin oranges this year
12 Jan 2018
Guan Eng dismisses report that his office was 'closed'
12 Jan 2018
Rats in wet market
11 Jan 2018
Lim: Not a single sen paid for Penang undersea tunnel project
11 Jan 2018
New date for Nhaveen murder case
11 Jan 2018
Fishermen face a livelihood threat due to concrete waste
10 Jan 2018
Injunction on Penang Hindu Endowment Board from managing temple
10 Jan 2018
Two 'Datuks’ remanded over Penang undersea tunnel project
10 Jan 2018
Penang residents prepare for floods
5 Jan 2018
MCA Penang to help man threatened by bitcoin downline
5 Jan 2018
PCM submits fresh evidence on Penang undersea tunnel project to MACC
5 Jan 2018
Flash floods hit Penang
5 Jan 2018
Happy New Year Malaysia!
31 Dec 2017
Penang Hill funicular train resumes service
30 Dec 2017
Grand festival held at Melaka's Yong Chuan Tian temple
29 Dec 2017
Mechanic freed from charges of causing woman's death over garbage row
29 Dec 2017
Father and son charged with trafficking RM23mil worth of Eramin 5
29 Dec 2017
Labourer dies after being run over by bus in Penang
28 Dec 2017
Wan Junaidi fears Penang SRS may encroach into international waters
27 Dec 2017
RM23mil worth of Eramin 5 pills seized 
26 Dec 2017
Fitness with a flair
25 Dec 2017
Penang mayor Maimunah agrees to helm UN-Habitat
23 Dec 2017
Police arrest duo who allegedly stole Buddha statue
22 Dec 2017
90-year-old Buddhist statue stolen from Penang temple
21 Dec 2017
Videos of residents barring MP from AGM going viral
18 Dec 2017
Lobster-served-with-nasi lemak style
16 Dec 2017
Interfaith Christmas harmony walk in Penang
16 Dec 2017
Ukrainian woman acquitted of trafficking charge, re arrested for expired Visa
15 Dec 2017
Bodyguard accused on shooting rampage trial to start next May
14 Dec 2017
Cops conduct live drills ahead of polls
14 Dec 2017
Five charged with distributing ecstasy pills at Penang karaoke spot
12 Dec 2017
Theft suspect found dead in Penang
11 Dec 2017
Annual chingay parade back in Penang
10 Dec 2017
Former Jawi assemblyman quits DAP, joins PAP
8 Dec 2017
Guns found at suspected drug pusher's house during raid
7 Dec 2017
Nhaveen murder case postponed to Jan 11
6 Dec 2017
Adidas Kampung shoes goes mainstream
5 Dec 2017
Dive into a wet and wild adventure at Escape Waterplay
30 Nov 2017
Penang to cooperate with Singapore to manage botanic gardens
29 Nov 2017
Police cripple syndicate selling drugs in drink sachets
29 Nov 2017
Robbing the elderly
28 Nov 2017
Penang international marathon runs foul of participants – again
28 Nov 2017
Former aide to Tunku living life as example to sons
26 Nov 2017
Authorities urged to step up hill slope enforcement
24 Nov 2017
Vincent Tan donates RM500,000 to aid Penang flood victims
23 Nov 2017
Penang Starwalk earns spot in Malaysia Book of Records
22 Nov 2017
While others pray, she steals
22 Nov 2017
Your OKU sticker is ready, mayor tells woman whose car was clamped
21 Nov 2017
Widow finding it difficult to cope after double tragedy
21 Nov 2017
Bodies of Tanjung MCA Youth chief's wife, mother and children cremated
19 Nov 2017
Residents want authorities to check into their flood problems
19 Nov 2017
Runners pumped up for run on early Sunday morning
19 Nov 2017
Health check under one roof at Star FitForLife Penang 2017
18 Nov 2017
Tears flow as teachers, classmates pay last respects to Penang house fire victims
17 Nov 2017
Star FitForLife Penang 2017 showcases bestselling health and wellness products and services
17 Nov 2017
MCA party leaders pay last respects to Lim Swee Bok's family
16 Nov 2017
Penang home fire: MCA to bear funeral expenses of four victims
15 Nov 2017
Preparing for a rainy day
15 Nov 2017
Tanjung MCA Youth chief loses wife, mother and kids in horrific fire
15 Nov 2017
Cop claims trial to accepting bribe from 'cop'
15 Nov 2017
Nine Penang BN reps storm out after hill slope development motion amended
14 Nov 2017
Fishy story: No, viral videos not from Penang
14 Nov 2017
‘Young Masters’ group staged protest against hillside development in Penang
13 Nov 2017
Old temple in Penang seeks help to rebuild after storm
13 Nov 2017
Flood victims voice concern over pests and diseases
13 Nov 2017