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World's busiest border falls quiet with millions of Mexicans barred from U.S.
1 Apr 2020
Zebra crossing to replace dismantled bridge, says MBPP
6 Feb 2020
Damaged overhead bridge near Penang ferry terminal dismantled
6 Feb 2020
Pedestrian bridge near Penang ferry terminal damaged by piling crane
5 Feb 2020
Sinkhole swallows bus in northwest China, killing six, ten missing
14 Jan 2020
Woman killed by falling tree in front of UM
23 Oct 2019
Melbourne car attack culprit jailed for life
22 Feb 2019
KL Mayor: Our survey shows 60% support Jalan TAR road closure
14 Feb 2019
Twenty killed in 'horrific' upstate New York crash
8 Oct 2018
Bees swarm hot dog cart in Times Squae, police shut down street
29 Aug 2018
Moscow cabbie says he hit the wrong pedal when ploughing into crowd
17 Jun 2018
DBKL: Be considerate to blind pedestrians
23 May 2018
Toronto van attack suspect left 'cryptic message'
25 Apr 2018
At least ten killed, 15 injured by driver in Toronto
24 Apr 2018
Florida school was aware of bridge crack before fatal collapse
18 Mar 2018
Four confirmed dead in Florida pedestrian bridge collapse
16 Mar 2018
Desperate search for survivors after Florida bridge collapses
16 Mar 2018
Riding towards a bike-friendly city
15 Feb 2018
Australian cops do not believe car attack is terror-related
21 Dec 2017
Flinders street horror: 16 injured and driver has been arrested
21 Dec 2017
Serial kicker jailed for 12 months
10 Nov 2017
Return of serial kicker?
8 Nov 2017
Manhattan truck attack: 8 killed and 12 injured, detained suspect said to be from Uzbekistan
1 Nov 2017
Five injured in Canada vehicle, stabbing attacks
2 Oct 2017
Police says Barcelona van attacker may still be at large
20 Aug 2017