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'QAnon Shaman' pleads guilty in Capitol riot case
4 Sep 2021
Philippines deports US Marine pardoned for transgender killing
13 Sep 2020
Trump offered to pardon Assange if he denied Russia helped leak Democrats' emails - lawyer
20 Feb 2020
Mexicans pardoned from Malaysia death row return home
16 May 2019
Kak Wan saddened by resignation of Sultan Muhammad V
7 Jan 2019
Fahmi: Those questioning Anwar's eligibility question the King
9 Oct 2018
Anwar warns detractors to move on
3 Jun 2018
Video of full pardon granted to Anwar Ibrahim
27 May 2018
Sirul ready to reveal all in Altantuya case - if he gets full pardon
19 May 2018
May 16: DSAI is back
16 May 2018
Anwar granted a full pardon
16 May 2018
Release of Anwar: PKR leader meets the King
16 May 2018
Anwar is free!
16 May 2018
Excitement building up for Anwar's release
16 May 2018
Anwar is quite excited about his release, say PKR reps
15 May 2018
Tun Mahathir: Anwar's release may be delayed
14 May 2018
Pardons board will meet on May 15 over Anwar’s release
14 May 2018
Anwar to be pardoned on Tuesday, says Selangor MB
13 May 2018
Anwar could be freed in days, says Dr Wan Azizah
11 May 2018
Anwar will not be released today
11 May 2018
PH: Anwar to get royal pardon then take over Tun M as PM
7 Jan 2018
Violent clashes in Peru after ex-leader pardoned
26 Dec 2017
Peru's president pardons ex-leader Fujimori
25 Dec 2017