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Death toll in Gaza reaches 38,443 as Israeli airstrike kills at least 90 in Khan Yunis
14 Jul 2024
Jordanians protest the killing of at least 90 Palestinians in Israeli strike on Gaza
14 Jul 2024
Video shows moment of Israeli strike east of Gaza's Khan Younis, killing 29 Palestinians
11 Jul 2024
Israeli airstrike near UN school sheltering displaced Palestinians
4 Jul 2024
Tok Mat: Malaysia continues strong advocacy for Palestine on international platforms
3 Jul 2024
Protesters in Arab countries and US continue to demand Gaza ceasefire
29 Jun 2024
Israel storms Gaza City neighbourhood, killing at least seven Palestinians
28 Jun 2024
PM: Malaysia will continue to uphold Palestinian rights
25 Jun 2024
'The ball's in your court now,' Tok Mat tells Blinken regarding US proposal for Palestine
24 Jun 2024
Gazans pull children casualties from under the rubble after overnight strike
24 Jun 2024
Protesters in US, UK and Germany continue with rallies against Gaza war
9 Jun 2024
Pro-Palestine protesters rally in Bukit Bintang to show solidarity
9 Jun 2024
‘Graduation’ for Gaza victims held at University of Toronto
4 Jun 2024
China supports a 'fully sovereign and independent' Palestinian state, says Wang Yi
30 May 2024
Protests in solidarity with Palestinians continue in the US
30 May 2024
French MP raises Palestinian flag in parliament session
29 May 2024
Palestinian state recognition can influence 'wave' of support from other countries, say analyst
28 May 2024
Palestinians look through ashes for belongings after overnight strike on Rafah
27 May 2024
Spain, Ireland, Norway call for new approach as they prepare to recognise Palestinian state
27 May 2024
Israeli air strikes on Rafah kill dozens
27 May 2024
Oxford students arrested at pro-Palestinian protest
24 May 2024
Scuffles among UCLA protesters, police as university leaders testify in Washington
24 May 2024
Biden denies 'genocide' happening in Gaza
21 May 2024
Palestinians mark 1948 Nakba in anger at Gaza war
16 May 2024
Pro-Palestinian protesters denounce Google outside of annual conference
15 May 2024
White House sees no genocide in Gaza
14 May 2024
Gazans flee Jabalia as Israeli forces step up attacks
13 May 2024
Pakistanis and Yemens stage massive rallies in solidarity with Palestinians
11 May 2024
UNGA backs Palestinian bid for full membership, now gone to Security Council
11 May 2024
Amsterdam police break up pro-Palestinian student protest
9 May 2024
UC Berkeley demonstrators mobilise against Israel's ceasefire rebuff
8 May 2024
Israeli military seizes Rafah border crossing
7 May 2024
Pro-Palestine group protests participation of two companies at defence expo
7 May 2024
University of Barcelona students set up protest camp in support of Palestinians
7 May 2024
Protester nabbed outside Met Gala
7 May 2024
Gazans begin evacuating Rafah: Where do they want us to go?
6 May 2024
Israeli army urges Palestinians in eastern Rafah to evacuate immediately
6 May 2024
Protesters occupy NYU vicinity after campus encampment cleared by police
4 May 2024
NYPD defends Columbia University campus crackdown on pro-Palestinian protest
4 May 2024
Cubans rally in solidarity with the Palestinian people, American students
4 May 2024
Hundreds of protesters detained at pro-Palestinian encampment across US colleges
2 May 2024
UCLA protesters stand their ground after early morning violent clashes
2 May 2024
Rafah airstrike survivor: Where will we go now?
1 May 2024
Students at Texas State University join campus pro-Palestinian protests
30 Apr 2024
At least 20 killed in Israeli airstrikes targeting Rafah
29 Apr 2024
Gaza protests continue to spread across US
27 Apr 2024
Thousands march in Madrid, Paris in support of Palestinians
22 Apr 2024
Baby saved from womb of mother killed in Israeli airstrike
22 Apr 2024
Police move against pro-Palestinian protest at New York's Columbia University
19 Apr 2024
US stops UN from recognising a Palestinian state through membership
19 Apr 2024
US envoy says full UN membership won't help Palestinians with statehood
17 Apr 2024
Gaza attack: Anwar reaches out to Hamas leader to convey condolences
11 Apr 2024
Israel airstrike on Gaza kills foreign aid workers
2 Apr 2024
UN expert says Israel has committed genocide in Gaza, calls for arms embargo
27 Mar 2024
Irish PM pushes Biden for immediate Gaza ceasefire
19 Mar 2024
Protesters in Canada, Jordan want an end to Gaza genocide
16 Mar 2024
Australia to resume funding to UN Palestinian agency
15 Mar 2024
Israeli strikes kill at least 29 Gazans awaiting aid
15 Mar 2024
Palestinian cause joins Women's Day marches in Latin America and Madrid
9 Mar 2024
Pro-Palestine rally concludes peacefully in Kuala Lumpur
2 Mar 2024
Israeli strikes on Rafah killed 48 Palestinians - Health Ministry
12 Feb 2024
Netanyahu says 'enough' remaining Israeli hostages alive to warrant Gaza war
12 Feb 2024
Body of Gaza girl, ambulance team trapped under Israeli fire found after 12 days
11 Feb 2024
Palestinians hold funeral for 12 members of two families killed in Rafah
10 Feb 2024
UN Gaza food convoy hit by Israeli naval gunfire, UNRWA claims
6 Feb 2024
Don't let individual cases distract from pursuing a ceasefire in Gaza - China's UN ambassador
31 Jan 2024
'UNRWA is our lifeline, who will feed us?' - Palestinians on funding halt
29 Jan 2024
Malaysia to monitor all channels to condemn attack on Palestinians, says PM
27 Jan 2024
Palestine welcomes 'momentous' World Court ruling on Israel
27 Jan 2024
Video of explosion that reportedly killed 21 Israeli soldiers in Gaza
24 Jan 2024
Children slowly dying without medicines, Gaza mother says
22 Jan 2024
Wedding brings 'incomplete' happiness to Gaza family
20 Jan 2024
Palestinians scramble to receive aid in Gaza City
15 Jan 2024
China urges larger-scale Gaza peace talks
15 Jan 2024
33 NGOs call for ceasefire, end of atrocities against Palestinians
13 Jan 2024
World 'fails' Palestinians in 'livestreamed genocide,' South African delegation says at ICJ
11 Jan 2024
South Africa accuses Israel at World Court of genocidal acts in Gaza
11 Jan 2024
Top UN court opens hearings in Gaza genocide case against Israel
11 Jan 2024
Israeli strike on Gaza ambulance kills four Palestinian Red Crescent medics
11 Jan 2024
Israeli strike kills two Palestinian journalists in Gaza, officials say
7 Jan 2024
“May God avenge us” - father mourns death of family killed in Israeli strike
5 Jan 2024
Cops take statements from 13 involved in pro-Palestine rally
5 Jan 2024
It is clear Israel attempting genocide, says Dr M
1 Jan 2024
Gazans' New Year wish is to end the war and rebuild life
1 Jan 2024
Palestine Solidarity picket enters fifth day, filled with peaceful activities
31 Dec 2023
Malaysian leaders consistent in Palestinian issue, says Amanah Wanita chief
31 Dec 2023
Rain fails to dampen spirits of Palestinian solidarity picket participants
30 Dec 2023
Pro-Palestinian rally will abide by rules if gathering allowed to continue till Dec 31, says Chua
28 Dec 2023
Police open investigation paper on pro-Palestinian rally
28 Dec 2023
'Kepung Demi Palestin' will go on, come rain or shine, says organiser
27 Dec 2023
Palestinian death toll in Gaza exceeds 20,200 as Israel claims to expand operation
24 Dec 2023
Gazans suffer from hunger as war affects deliveries
21 Dec 2023
'Born into horrors' - Gaza newborns suffer in war
19 Dec 2023
King witnesses preparations for third delivery of Ops Ihsan
18 Dec 2023
Pos Malaysia launches special 'Palestine Merdeka' stamps, to be available from Jan 18
14 Dec 2023
Mourners weep for 17 members of one family killed in strike on Rafah
7 Dec 2023
Malaysia to send third humanitarian aid shipment for Palestine on Dec 18, says DPM
6 Dec 2023
Refugee camp hit as Israel bombards Gaza
4 Dec 2023
At least 32 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza since truce expiry
1 Dec 2023
Deal reached to extend Gaza truce by two days
28 Nov 2023