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National Day: Sign language interpreters join gold medallist in reciting Rukun Negara
31 Aug 2023
Justice Walk: Crowd disperse after singing Negaraku
17 Jun 2022
#TangkapAzamBaki demo: Protestors disperse after singing national anthem
22 Jan 2022
PM: May Jalur Gemilang be hoisted, Negaraku be played as many times as possible at Tokyo Paralympics
24 Aug 2021
Najib: Umno must be disciplined, or there will be chaos
6 Dec 2019
For the love of Malaysia!
30 Nov 2019
Cops quiz nine for disrespecting national anthem, recommend charging them
2 Oct 2019
S4S: Not standing up for the national anthem was a “silent protest”
30 Sep 2019
Cops to take action against eight who did not respect national anthem
30 Sep 2019
Singing praises of Jalur Gemilang
15 Sep 2018
“Setia Negaraku “ - By Malaysians, For Malaysians
21 Jul 2018
Take charge of your health with SOSN TN50
23 Feb 2018
Rafizi to Rahman Dahlan: Go on, sue me
12 Dec 2017
Expo Negaraku 2017 launched
16 Nov 2017
Centenarian shares his secret to longevity
15 Sep 2017
Chong: Remember sacrifices made to achieve independence
18 Aug 2017