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Amanah leaders: Pakatan Harapan is still the government of the day
24 Feb 2020
Mahfuz: DOSH’s prelim report on PIC blast expected Friday afternoon
12 Apr 2019
He may be blind but he can repair your motorcycle
3 Jan 2019
Mahfuz: It’s not ICERD, it’s the mindset that should change
26 Nov 2018
SOCSO compensation for family of Lombok quake victim
8 Aug 2018
HR ministry drives home occupational safety message
10 Jul 2018
Incumbent Nawawi Ahmad to face Dr Mahathir in Langkawi seat for GE14
24 Apr 2018
Football great takes on Mahfuz Omar in Pokok Sena
15 Apr 2018
Opposition MPs welcome Speaker's ruling for them to bring redelineation report out of the house
22 Mar 2018
Ex-PAS man Mahfuz joins Amanah
15 Mar 2018
Police record Mahfuz Omar statement for allegedly Sultan Pahang's insult
18 Jan 2018
Prominent PAS leader quits party after 34 years
31 Dec 2017