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Kenneth Eswaran and wife charged with exploiting their maids
12 Apr 2019
Economy grows at 4.7% in Q4 of 2018, above forecast
14 Feb 2019
Kok: Labour shortage reduced sharply
1 Feb 2019
South Korean court decision on wartime forced labourers draws rebuke from Japan
29 Nov 2018
Three strangers and “an angel” deliver baby in KL
15 Jun 2018
May 9: The final showdown
8 May 2018
South Korean activists scuffle with police over forced labor worker statue
1 May 2018
Najib: Minimum wage will be raised if Barisan wins
1 May 2018
Duchess of Cambridge in labour with third royal baby
23 Apr 2018
BNM: Cheap foreign labour suppresses wages
28 Mar 2018
Hard choice for Malaysians working as illegal labourers in South Korea
18 Mar 2018
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pregnant with first child
19 Jan 2018
Labourer dies after being run over by bus in Penang
28 Dec 2017
Vietnamese woman delivers her baby by the roadside in Phitsanulok
13 Nov 2017
Jockeying for cash in North Korea
17 Oct 2017
Six months jail for escaping from police custody
28 Sep 2017
Ex-army man reaps the fruit of his labour
28 Aug 2017
A busy period for migrant workers in Thailand
25 Jul 2017
Baby born in petrol station
3 Jul 2017
Locals and foreign workers volunteer to upkeep public amenities in Phang Nga
19 May 2017
Thailand's foreign workers to get proper amenities
6 Apr 2017
The State of the people - Neighbouring countries
17 Nov 2016
Malaysia's foreign worker conundrum
29 Apr 2016
Thai authorities inspects fishing vessels in Phang Nga to curb crime and human trafficking
25 Mar 2016
Chin Hin unfazed by weak ringgit, labour cost
8 Mar 2016
Why is China laying off 1.8 mil workers?
1 Mar 2016