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Get back on track to settle backlog of medical and surgical procedures, KJ tells hospitals
15 Jan 2022
Convicted killer Durst has Covid-19 - LA Times
17 Oct 2021
Killer pothole in East West Link rectified
6 Jan 2021
Woman who allegedly hurt cats remanded for four days
31 Dec 2020
‘Cat wash’ man charged, sent to Hospital Bahagia for evaluation
16 Jul 2020
Gunman kills 12 and takes hostages inside mall in Thailand
8 Feb 2020
Thailand's Jack the Ripper re-arrested
18 Dec 2019
Man dubbed ‘cosplay killer’ gets 22 years’ jail, instead of death, upon appeal
12 Sep 2019
Cat killer slapped with 15 months jail
14 Jun 2019
Killer croc caught in trap set up by Tawau wildlife officers
13 May 2019
Najib: Accusing me for Altantuya, Kevin Morais’ death? I must be a serial killer
6 Feb 2019
Do you know...about Malaysia's killer diseases?
24 Jan 2019
Israeli student murdered in Australia while on phone with sister
18 Jan 2019
Laundry cat killer sentenced to two years' jail
17 Jan 2019
Strasbourg gunman at large after killing three in Christmas market
13 Dec 2018
Families with murdered relatives see no justice in killers going free
9 Nov 2018
Suspected cat killers claim trial to causing its death at launderette
20 Sep 2018
Remand for suspected cat-killers extended, another still at large
17 Sep 2018
Do you know these cat killers?
12 Sep 2018
Nashville cops on a manhunt for ‘cold-blooded killers’
20 Aug 2018
Indian child killer sentenced to death 23 days after arrest
25 May 2018
Police arrest suspect in decades-old 'Golden State Killer' case
26 Apr 2018
Pakistan court sentences child killer, rapist to death
17 Feb 2018
Suspected cop killer arrested on Sibu-bound plane
1 Sep 2017
Two suspects in killing of policeman remanded seven days
20 Aug 2017
False killer whales spotted in Andaman Sea
9 Mar 2017