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Marathon world record holder Kiptum dies in road accident
12 Feb 2024
Deadly gas explosion rips through Nairobi
2 Feb 2024
Green powerhouse Africa is crucial for the world, says Kenyan president
2 Dec 2023
Jepak by-election: Voting ends as all 14 polling centres close doors at 5.30pm
4 Nov 2023
Jepak polls: Over 22,000 voters to elect new assemblyman today
4 Nov 2023
Jepak by-election: Three-way fight for Sarawak state seat
21 Oct 2023
Deadly road accident kills at least 48 killed in western Kenya
1 Jul 2023
Kenya doomsday cult death toll climbs to 201
14 May 2023
Toll from Kenya's suspected starvation cult reaches 47
24 Apr 2023
Kenyan avocados to be showcased at import expo in Shanghai
1 Nov 2022
Former colonies conflicted over Queen Elizabeth
12 Sep 2022
Chaos as Kenya's Ruto declared election winner
16 Aug 2022
Sarawak aims to be a food exporter by 2030
3 Jul 2022
98-year-old Kenyan woman goes back to school
9 Feb 2022
Sarawak Polls: Four-cornered fight for Abang Jo in Gedong
6 Dec 2021
Africa's 'best dressed' man matches his bright-coloured suits with face masks
4 Aug 2020
Kenya’s digital service tax to pose challenges
19 Jun 2020
Corona isolation and treatment center set up in Kenya
7 Mar 2020
Kipchoge breaks two hour marathon barrier
13 Oct 2019
OFF THE BEAT: The ‘Great Migration’ between Tanzania and Kenya
20 Sep 2019
Ethiopia crash probe begins as Boeing shares slide
11 Mar 2019
Kenya has most casualties in Ethiopian Airlines plane crash
10 Mar 2019
Kenyan authorities have little information on plane crash
10 Mar 2019
U.S. 9/11 survivor, Kenyan 'buddies' and Briton among Nairobi victims
17 Jan 2019
Nairobi workers trapped in hotel after militant attack
16 Jan 2019
Kenya marks rhinos in conservation drive
6 Apr 2018
At least 36 dead after a road accident in Kenya
1 Jan 2018
Penang mayor Maimunah agrees to helm UN-Habitat
23 Dec 2017
Kenya in turmoil over incomplete polls
29 Oct 2017
Opposition leader calls for probe after fire kills seven Kenyan schoolgirls
2 Sep 2017
Human waste becomes fuel for Kenya's poor
8 Aug 2017