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Derailed maintenance car causes delay to LRT service
4 Dec 2019
Man dubbed ‘cosplay killer’ gets 22 years’ jail, instead of death, upon appeal
12 Sep 2019
Video of enforcement officer receiving money goes viral
17 Jun 2019
Masjid Nurul Yaqin’s open day
1 May 2019
Massive traffic jam as rice bags, noodle packs spill on NKVE
16 Apr 2019
PM makes surprise visits on FT Day
1 Feb 2019
Tuesday morning LRT disruption due to loss of propulsion
2 Oct 2018
Loke: Prasarana must hold PC if LRT is 15mins late
1 Oct 2018
Pregnant woman falls onto LRT tracks
19 Apr 2018
Man sentenced to death over murder of cosplay fan
3 Apr 2018
Repair works at Kelana Jaya LRT station to take two weeks
5 Mar 2018
Roof blown away at Kelana Jaya LRT station
3 Mar 2018
Nik Nazmi eligible to contest in GE14
17 Jan 2018
Daveta clip Borneo Eagles' wings to win Cobra 10s tournament
14 Nov 2017
Panel visits site of Pastor Koh's abduction
3 Nov 2017