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Govt rescinds decision to allow hair, beauty salons and optometry outlets to operate
13 Apr 2020
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8 Aug 2019
Janda Baik villagers protest development plans for area
7 Aug 2019
Skincare range to counter digital ageing
29 Jul 2019
What's the hype with K-beauty?
15 Jul 2019
30 women ‘motivated’ to strip in Bukit Tinggi arrested
20 Mar 2019
OFF THE BEAT: Land frozen in time
28 Feb 2019
First transgender contestant 'makes history' in Miss Universe
15 Dec 2018
Hawker heritage at Beauty World food centre in Singapore
29 Aug 2018
72-hour-long KL Raya festival promises shopping extravaganza
11 Jun 2018
Enforcement officer Google searched which provision of law to arrest Siti Kasim
30 May 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Vietnamese transgender calls world to be more open minded
16 Mar 2018
Big is beautiful
10 Jan 2018
Doll up at Malaysia's first beauty cafe
1 Oct 2017
Earthquake wrecks beauty of Jiuzhaigou
11 Aug 2017
Phang Nga experiences boom in tourism
21 Mar 2017
The fairest of them all shines at Nakhon Phanom's transgender beauty pageant
25 Feb 2016
Building the Vida empire
17 Jan 2016