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Violence erupts at iPhone assembly factory in India over unpaid wages
15 Dec 2020
Apple's new 'iPhone 12' has a 5G problem
13 Oct 2020
Apple debuts new iPhone 11
11 Sep 2019
Malaysia out to retrieve US$7bil in misappropriated funds from 1MDB, says Dr M
3 May 2019
Apple tech used to put hacked apps on iPhones
14 Feb 2019
How a teen discovered Apple's FaceTime bug
31 Jan 2019
World needs a good whistleblower story, says Justo
1 Nov 2018
Worried about iPhone eavesdroppers? China says Trump may need a Huawei
26 Oct 2018
Apple embraces China with a unique iPhone XS
21 Sep 2018
Straits Times' hands-on with iPhone XS and XS Max
15 Sep 2018
Apple unveils larger iPhone, health-conscious watch
13 Sep 2018
Indonesia to hand over luxury yacht to U.S. amid 1MDB probe
8 Mar 2018
Chong on suicide case: We won’t take sides
7 Feb 2018
Girl accused of stealing teacher's handphone dies
1 Feb 2018
Teacher who accused student of stealing handphone removed from Penang school
28 Jan 2018
Apple says sorry after outcry over slowed iPhones
29 Dec 2017
Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down aging iPhones
28 Dec 2017
Apple to launch its latest phone in Thailand later this month
8 Nov 2017
Hundreds line up in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo for Apple iPhone X launch
3 Nov 2017
Apple unveils new iPhone with a big price tag
13 Sep 2017
Apple set to unveil anniversary iPhone
12 Sep 2017
The iPhone 8 could face delays at launch: WSJ
8 Sep 2017
Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus banned in Beijing, says Bloomberg
18 Jun 2016
Apple unveils new, cheaper iPhone
22 Mar 2016