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Bank Negara governor on SRR, GDP, investments and economy outlook into 2020
15 Nov 2019
ACCCIM weighs in on Budget 2020
11 Oct 2019
Budget 2020: Malaysia to have new incentive packages to lure investments
11 Oct 2019
Mahathir, Putin hold bilateral meeting
5 Sep 2019
Guan Eng: Malaysia to set up special channel to facilitate more Chinese investments
8 Aug 2019
Dr M: IMF report shows Malaysia can be a high-income economy in two years
11 Jul 2019
Petronas exploring renewable energy market
10 Jul 2019
Fu: Belt and Road Initiative offers US$4-5 trillion in business opportunities
8 Jul 2019
Private investment slowed to 0.4% in 1Q19
16 May 2019
Mahathir impressed with Lima 2019
28 Mar 2019
LGE: Malaysia will return as Asian tiger in three years
19 Mar 2019
Tun M: China and Singapore will always be our trade partners
19 Mar 2019
Mahathir, Duterte discuss boosting bilateral trade in Manila meeting
7 Mar 2019
World Bank lowers Malaysia’s GDP growth to 4.7%
18 Dec 2018
Budget 2019: Malaysia is open for business, Finance Minister to foreign investors
2 Nov 2018
Khazanah to forge long-term bond with China
10 Oct 2018
Stop being confrontational with China, says UM's Terence Gomez
10 Oct 2018
Malaysia will return as the 'Asian Tiger', says Dr M
2 Oct 2018
Azmin: We have issues with the sale of property in Forest City
1 Sep 2018
Like Mahathir, I’m not against Chinese investments, says Anwar
16 May 2018
Teng: Lim got to answer to Dr M’s remarks over China investments
21 Apr 2018
BNM: Cheap foreign labour suppresses wages
28 Mar 2018
PM: Malaysian and Chinese businesses benefit from bilateral ties
27 Feb 2018
Spotlight: Cryptocurrency frenzy
12 Jan 2018
Najib: Malaysia continues to benefit from Japan’s investments
30 Nov 2017
Trump, Najib talk about trade and security
13 Sep 2017
Liow: M'sia not being “colonised” by China
12 Sep 2017
Cheah on China's investments in Malaysia
25 Mar 2017
EPF to focus on infrastructure investments
20 Feb 2017
KWAP expects challenging environment in 2017
20 Sep 2016
KWAP: We are not in pressure to divest investments from abroad
20 Sep 2016
Top Glove: Important to diversify wisely
11 Jun 2016
EPF: We continue to invest heavily in Malaysian market
3 May 2016
CREC to set up regional centre in KL
21 Mar 2016
Property-buying Malaysians seeking global opportunities
15 Mar 2016
Overseas commercial property lure for Malaysians
15 Mar 2016
Lower loan growth result of less business investments
25 Feb 2016
GD Express is allocating RM180mil for business expansion, M&As
23 Feb 2016
Pakistan to woo more Malaysian investors
10 Feb 2016
EPF to launch fully shariah-compliant fund in Jan 2017
4 Feb 2016