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Rain or shine, devoted man shows up at wife's grave daily
5 Apr 2022
The Straits Times | A food fest in the west of Singapore
27 Feb 2022
CNY family reunion dinners, house-to-house visits allowed, subject to SOP
19 Jan 2022
Homegrown band’s music video depicting cultural diversity gets attention in music festival
15 Sep 2021
The Chingay Festival in JB will go on
6 Feb 2020
DPM celebrates Chinese New Year with Hokkien Association
2 Feb 2020
Celebratory feast fit for an emperor
2 Feb 2020
More govt officials off to Wuhan to bring back Malaysians
2 Feb 2020
Malaysian Hokkien entrepreneurs recognised
24 Aug 2019
Celebrating “Bai Tian Gong” in Penang
13 Feb 2019
I *heart* my CNY dish! 我爱年菜!- Hokkien Stir-fried Rice Cake 福建炒白粿
2 Feb 2019
Beating of drums for CNY in Klang
23 Jan 2019
Being multilingual helps
25 Mar 2018
Chingay parade brings CNY to cheery end
9 Mar 2018
Wangkang in Melaka
2 Mar 2018
Devotees celebrate Jade Emperor’s birthday
24 Feb 2018
Voice of the past
31 Dec 2017
Najib: Chinese community helps advance economy
23 Sep 2017
Turning Point: Former drug dealer gets second chance with Hokkien mee
26 May 2016