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Bringing Bali home: South Koreans' staycations
26 Aug 2020
Two shot dead by sailor at Hawaii military base
5 Dec 2019
Nine killed in Hawaii plane crash
22 Jun 2019
Hurricane Lane menaces Hawaii even though storm has weakened
25 Aug 2018
Hawaii's Kilauea volcano shoots lava into the ocean
23 May 2018
Lava flows destroy homes and set fires in Hawaii
8 May 2018
Hawaii evacuations continue as volcano erupts
7 May 2018
Earthquakes, lava fissures put Hawaii's Big Island on high alert
6 May 2018
False missile alert sent out in Hawaii
14 Jan 2018
Friends who are actually brothers
30 Dec 2017
The Trumps arrive in Hawaii
4 Nov 2017
Indonesian-made assault rifle gave an impressive performance during military exercise in the US
5 Sep 2016
Star2.com Exclusive: A medley performance by Ecoworld Symphony Drummers
5 Apr 2016