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Miti maintains investment growth projection at 5% for 2024, says Tengku Zafrul
18 Jul 2024
Robust plans needed to spur high-skilled jobs
12 Jul 2024
Heavy "losses" of MRT Corp to support socio-economic growth, says Loke
10 Jul 2024
Budget 2025 to continue with economic reforms without sidelining the people, says Anwar
9 Jul 2024
Efforts to foster local talent must be supported by various industries, says Tengku Zafrul
29 Jun 2024
China's largest lake sees rebound of rare fish species
26 Jun 2024
Ringgit expected to be stronger against US Dollar in the last quarter of 2024
26 Jun 2024
Govt confident of achieving 2024 inflation, GDP targets even with diesel subsidy retargeting
24 Jun 2024
EP228: Cutting to the root of painful family tradition | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
23 Jun 2024
Cabotage policy reintroduced in Sarawak to bolster local shipping industry
22 Jun 2024
Robust maritime industry will boost economic growth, security
22 Jun 2024
EP227: Shortchanged like father like son? | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
16 Jun 2024
EP226: Can hypospadias affect one’s reproductive life? | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
9 Jun 2024
EP225: What to do about an undescended testicle | PUTTING DR G ON THE SPOT
2 Jun 2024
Ringgit at a good level after fine first quarter growth, says PM
28 May 2024
Do not cause stigma among children with hearing aid, says Dr Dzulkefly
18 May 2024
Malaysia's economy grows 4.2% in 1Q, beating expectations
17 May 2024
Govt will announce timeline for diesel subsidy rationalisation when it is ready, says Rafizi
15 May 2024
Microsoft to invest US$2.2bil in cloud and AI services in Malaysia
2 May 2024
RM1bil for 'Fund-of-Funds' to invest in high-growth firms
22 Apr 2024
Anwar: Claims of Opposition MPs needing to support me for allocations baseless
19 Apr 2024
Johor to become most economically developed state, says Anwar
18 Apr 2024
China eyes low-altitude economy for new growth engine
19 Mar 2024
We can do better, PM says of those playing up sensitive issues during Ramadan
18 Mar 2024
Come and invest in Malaysia, Anwar invites German, European firms
14 Mar 2024
Anwar courts Australian, Asean investors with M'sia's conducive environment
7 Mar 2024
China unveils 2024 growth targets with focus on high-quality development
5 Mar 2024
SJPP to help bumi firms with RM5bil allocation, says Finance Minister II
4 Mar 2024
Growth in investments seen this year, says Zafrul
29 Feb 2024
Celebrating relentless efforts and perseverance in the trade industry
27 Feb 2024
Future of professional journalism intact despite emergence of AI, says Fahmi
20 Feb 2024
Fueled by new energy, east China city makes headway in economic growth
15 Feb 2024
New opportunities in EV industry
8 Feb 2024
Let's rebuild the country instead of playing politics, Zahid tells 'Dubai Move' plotters
5 Jan 2024
Aviation industry to see robust growth in 2024, says Loke
5 Jan 2024
China issues rules to curb gaming spend
22 Dec 2023
China in 2023: Is the economy okay?
21 Dec 2023
Agricommunity urged to develop agrotourism and biomass industry
5 Dec 2023
Muslim countries must work together to spur their development, says Anwar
28 Nov 2023
Apec summit concludes, PM Anwar says US needs to be fair on Gaza conflict
18 Nov 2023
Malaysia posts 3.3% GDP growth in 3Q
17 Nov 2023
Google, Malaysian govt to collaborate in boosting country's digital competitiveness
16 Nov 2023
Rafizi: Malaysia's economy expected to meet GDP growth of 4% to 5%
15 Nov 2023
Over 5.2bil packages handled during 11.11 sale day in China
12 Nov 2023
Gov't dedicated to facilitating EV industry growth, says PM
8 Nov 2023
Vietnam News | Mushroom for growth
3 Nov 2023
China Daily | China is 'home away from home,’ says Benz chairman
3 Nov 2023
Nearly 30% of kids in M'sia have stunted growth due to unhealthy diet, says Health Ministry
1 Nov 2023
China to curb exports of key battery material
20 Oct 2023
Single agency proposed to cut red tape in EV industry
19 Oct 2023
Unity govt more interested in 'chasing' lower fiscal deficit rate, claims Hamzah
16 Oct 2023
Fahmi: Reduction of entertainment duty will be a catalyst for economic growth
13 Oct 2023
Budget 2024: Govt to focus on high growth, high value investments
13 Oct 2023
World Bank: Around 490,000 Malaysian households still grappling with Covid-19 aftermath
2 Oct 2023
Malaysia's 2023 economic growth expected to moderate to 3.9% - World Bank
2 Oct 2023
Focus on Pan-Asia: Electric vehicles in Vietnam
22 Sep 2023
The Straits Times | Why Singapore's latest bus, train fare hike is highest on record
19 Sep 2023
PM, Hamzah clash briefly over GDP growth and 'basic economics'
19 Sep 2023
Unity and stability a must for Malaysia to grow, says PM
17 Sep 2023
5.9% economic growth rate was achieved under PN rule, says Hamzah
12 Sep 2023
12MP review: At least 5% GDP growth per annum targeted
11 Sep 2023
Malaysian companies urged to prioritize innovation for economic growth
9 Sep 2023
China car sales grows in Aug, Tesla surges
8 Sep 2023
Aviation show vital in promoting sector, says MB
7 Sep 2023
NIMP 2030 will help grow SMEs and improve livelihoods, says PM
1 Sep 2023
Bank Negara: Private consumption slowed to 4.3% from 5.9%
18 Aug 2023
Madani economy framework to anchor Malaysia's economy, says Bank Negara
18 Aug 2023
Malaysia's economy grows 2.9% in 2Q 2023 as slower external demand weighs
18 Aug 2023
Malaysia can withstand risk from China's slow economic growth, says Bank Negara
18 Aug 2023
Innovation brings new life to century-old factory in Tianjin
4 Aug 2023
Lahad Datu hospital removes 1.03kg growth from woman's face
3 Aug 2023
Vital to be state and federal govt to be on same page, says Rafizi
22 Jul 2023
Selangor’s new logistics hub to offer 5,000 new jobs by 2028
17 Jul 2023
BNM's discretion to compel exporters to convert proceeds into ringgit, says Zafrul
10 Jul 2023
Coffee industry adds vitality to economy in China's border city
29 Jun 2023
Rafizi: Govt drawing up salary growth framework to cover all workers
28 Jun 2023
Drop in wooden product exports in Q1 of 2023, says ministry
18 Jun 2023
New Industrial Master Plan 2030 will spur Malaysia’s economic complexity, says Zafrul
13 Jun 2023
From arid sands to sweet success: Vineyards in NW China
6 Jun 2023
China Daily | BRI brings more than just fruit to China and Thailand
5 Jun 2023
Booming bamboo business powers China's green growth
5 Jun 2023
King: No compromise on national sovereignty
5 Jun 2023
SOBA continues to shape new possibilities
31 May 2023
Health White Paper to be presented to Cabinet on June 2 before tabling in Dewan Rakyat
30 May 2023
Home Ministry assures FMCCAM on streamlining of work permits for foreign workers
28 May 2023
Economic restructuring measures to be stepped up, says Rafizi
19 May 2023
PM wants enforcement bodies to raise performance, governance
15 May 2023
Power and wealth of national treasure should be used to develop Malaysia, says PM
14 May 2023
No recession risk for Malaysia, says BNM governor
12 May 2023
BNM governor denies OPR rise has resulted in bankruptcies going up
12 May 2023
Borneo Bulletin | UBD Spectrum 2023: Lumen exhibition launched
10 May 2023
Young Hong Kong lawmakers positive about democracy and economic growth post-Covid-19
10 May 2023
Stable govt needed to ensure economic growth, people's welfare looked after, says Anwar
7 May 2023
The Straits Times | Risk of technical recession in Singapore has increased, says economist
14 Apr 2023
Indian district fights losing battle to curb population growth
11 Apr 2023
Headline, core inflation to average between 2.8% and 3.8% in 2023 - Bank Negara
29 Mar 2023