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Police fire tear gas at Hong Kong activists
27 Jul 2019
Reporter attacked while on-air by suspected triad gangsters in Hong Kong
22 Jul 2019
Triad gangster attack in Hong Kong after night of violent protests
22 Jul 2019
Generation Grit: From gangster to creative director
2 Feb 2019
Ex-gangster seeks redemption, finds purpose in helping the disabled
20 Jan 2019
Dr M: Repeal NSC and gangsters will run wild
22 Nov 2018
Teens among eight charged with murder in school
19 Nov 2018
IGP: PDRM overhaul expected to begin by year’s end
20 Jul 2018
Ramkarpal ejected from Dewan Rakyat
18 Jul 2018
82 arrested nationwide in anti-organised crime crackdown
9 Apr 2018
Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar: My speech was misinterpreted
21 Mar 2018
Azmin on Jamal's Bkt Antarabangsa candidacy poster: Voters don't want gangster-like character
3 Dec 2017
226 students have been nabbed for drug related case
21 Sep 2017
Schools dropouts likely involved in drugs and gansgterism, says Mahdzir
18 Sep 2017
Courage to Change: Getting enlightened from behind bars
22 Aug 2016
Gangster turned music school entrepreneur
10 Jun 2016
Turning Point: Former drug dealer gets second chance with Hokkien mee
26 May 2016
Turning Point: Gang attack left him in a coma
24 May 2016