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Home Ministry to consider MACC’s suggestion for HR Ministry to handle foreign workers
2 Dec 2019
Home Ministry lodges police report over alleged Sabah documentation cards
3 Nov 2019
Compulsory vaccinations for newborns on the cards, says Health Minister
17 Oct 2019
Police question tycoon Koon over his Armed Forces comment
19 Aug 2019
PM: Labour reforms needed to develop talent, address job mismatch
1 Aug 2019
It’s still a proposal, PM says of foreign workers from Africa
29 Jun 2019
All four bodies recovered from Tg Bungah landslide tragedy
26 Jun 2019
Four Myanmar nationals buried in Penang landslide
25 Jun 2019
Freak storm overturns container housing, falls trees in Penang
6 May 2019
Govt to give priority to employment of Malaysians, says PM
1 May 2019
Dr M: Foreigners will become fourth force in Malaysia if locals shun certain jobs
14 Apr 2019
PM on Lynas decision, fuel prices and Salahuddin’s pol sec arrest
2 Apr 2019
Penang city council responsible for Bukit Kukus landslide, special panel concludes
13 Feb 2019
22 rounded up in Melaka countdown rave
1 Jan 2019
Foreign workers to get Socso coverage
25 Oct 2018
Penang landslide: Fourth body found
20 Oct 2018
Aid groups frustrated as foreign staff told to leave Palu
10 Oct 2018
Employers to pay full levy by Oct, says LGE
25 Sep 2018
Authorities arrest more than 500 illegal immigrants
1 Sep 2018
Govt to set up single system for hiring foreign workers
14 Aug 2018
Ease ban on your workers, Malaysia urges Nepal
28 Jul 2018
Strict enforcement on employers hiring illegal foreign workers
4 Jun 2018
BNM: Cheap foreign labour suppresses wages
28 Mar 2018
Bangladeshi man dead following group fight
25 Mar 2018
Netizens shocked by fight involving Myanmar workers in mall
19 Mar 2018
Government urged to review levy payment policy
26 Dec 2017
Tenaganita and NGOs draft Bill to protect rights of foreign domestic workers
18 Dec 2017
Expatriate couple says foreign workers at Tanjung Bungah project site live in dilapidated conditions
23 Oct 2017
Gov aims to maintain Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global supply chain
10 Oct 2017
Couple and four foreign workers nabbed for illegal sale of subsidised LPG
25 Aug 2017
Zahid: All foreign workers to undergo medical screening
17 Aug 2017
Locals and foreign workers volunteer to upkeep public amenities in Phang Nga
19 May 2017
Thailand's foreign workers to get proper amenities
6 Apr 2017
Malaysia's foreign worker conundrum
29 Apr 2016