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Ban on sale of alcoholic beverages to those aged 21 and below effective today
16 Oct 2018
Indonesia flash foods, landslides kill at least 21, destroy hundreds of homes
13 Oct 2018
Stop the finger pointing, says laksa seller
10 Oct 2018
Indonesia quake victims loot shops amid food shortage
1 Oct 2018
#SaySomethingNice plans to showcase different states for its future campaigns
22 Sep 2018
Australia's strawberry needle scare spurs proposal for 15-year jail term
19 Sep 2018
A Day In The Kitchen: Singapore’s Majestic Restaurant
15 Sep 2018
Seafood exempted from SST, says finance minister
3 Sep 2018
Get your selfie kit ready for Malaysia's first selfie museum
29 Aug 2018
Hawker heritage at Beauty World food centre in Singapore
29 Aug 2018
Bonding over chicken rendang
11 Aug 2018
Mercy needs RM500,000 for missions in Laos, Lombok
1 Aug 2018
After dam burst in Laos, a scramble for food and medicines
27 Jul 2018
Mother and son calls abandoned food cart “home”
25 Jul 2018
50 Singapore hawkers make it into Michelin guide
22 Jul 2018
Food critic Chua Lam names new durian species ‘Bao Bao’ durian
10 Jul 2018
Foreign rescuers taste Thai food during cave rescue
4 Jul 2018
Provide measures to tackle rising prices of ‘ikan rakyat’
12 Jun 2018
Loob Holding to bring 500 Tealive stores to China
12 Jun 2018
Anthony Bourdain dead from suicide, CNN reports
8 Jun 2018
No more gifts for ministers, but food and flowers are okay
8 Jun 2018
Wildlife Department identifies villagers who make snacks out of croc
2 Jun 2018
DBKL officially shuts down Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurant in Bangsar
30 May 2018
Free food for a great Pakatan Harapan win
27 May 2018
Shooting in Penang and a man hit by multiple gunshots
26 May 2018
21 pupils in Kedah down with suspected food poisoning
24 May 2018
Treats for those with inked finger
9 May 2018
Sweetened fish earns maker more profit
8 May 2018
Insects sold at high prices as delicacy
4 May 2018
Razali, Syed Saddiq campaigning hard in Muar
4 May 2018
Low income earners enjoy cheap food from carts
3 May 2018
Tun Mahathir meets Langkawi locals
29 Apr 2018
GE14 candidates’ favourite makan spots in Ayer Hitam
25 Apr 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Food containers made of nut plam trees leaves selling hot
20 Apr 2018
Eccentric delicacies offered at indigenous gourmet festival
10 Apr 2018
A festival full of seafood and music
2 Apr 2018
New Happy Cheese Toast takes Thailand by storm
20 Mar 2018
Annual cultural marketplace returns
16 Mar 2018