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Thai durian farmers benefit from Chinese market despite COVID-19
15 Jun 2020
Cravings satisfied for durian lovers
14 Jun 2020
Nasi lemak and durian treats for media camping outside PMO, Istana
25 Feb 2020
Love at first prick
14 Feb 2020
Villagers want Kedah durian plantation project scrapped
11 Dec 2019
Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok a fan of Penang food
29 Nov 2019
Retro Recipe: Banana spring roll
6 Nov 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Now, durian boba!
30 Oct 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Durian research centre under construction in Selangor
23 Oct 2019
Customs seize heroin hidden in frozen durian
18 Oct 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Red durian takes centre stage
16 Oct 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Durian-themed restaurant, a first in Malaysia
8 Oct 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Viral durian cendol stall
17 Sep 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Thrill of durian burger
10 Sep 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: A whole new frontier for Malaysian durian export
4 Sep 2019
Retro Recipe: Durian crepe
3 Sep 2019
First chartered flight ferrying whole durian to China takes off from Sepang
27 Aug 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Affordable durian from the hill
27 Aug 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Cooking demo with durian
19 Aug 2019
China's durian lovers learn how to open Musang King
14 Aug 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: The place of origin of Musang King
10 Aug 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: For the love of durian, Dr Abdul Aziz keeps going at 73
6 Aug 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Festival with everything under one roof
31 Jul 2019
Retro Recipe: Patin Tempoyak
29 Jul 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: The great ‘durian run’
24 Jul 2019
Standoff in mosque as protesters try to disrupt Wan Ji's sermon
22 Jul 2019
Teacher wins durian eating contest
20 Jul 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: The American who just loves durian
16 Jul 2019
DURIAN ADVENTURE: Getting to know the durian you’re eating
11 Jul 2019
Guan Eng confident China will purchase more Malaysian palm oil
24 Jun 2019
First whole durian shipment in China
21 Jun 2019
Do you know...facts about durian?
18 Jun 2019
Cool profit from king of fruits
17 Jun 2019
Durian shop owners may sue customer over ‘thorny’ RM1,000 durian saga
9 Jun 2019
Retro Recipe: Pengat durian
7 May 2019
Penang's durian season set for May or June this year
30 Apr 2019
A durian feast at the Penang state assembly
30 Apr 2019
Dr M and wife attend Malaysia Durian Festival in China
27 Apr 2019
DNA23: Digital Durian CEO shares his success story
17 Apr 2019
China to inspect Malaysian durian facilities this month
3 Apr 2019
M'sia hopes to export frozen whole durian to China by year-end
13 Mar 2019
Thai durian tycoon cancels tournament to find husband for daughter
7 Mar 2019
IGP on retirement plans: Who knows, I might be selling durians
26 Feb 2019
OFF THE BEAT: The King of Fruits
14 Dec 2018
Durian hunting trip turns tragic for couple
7 Dec 2018
China goes bananas for world's smelliest fruit
27 Nov 2018
Stinky durian grounds Indonesian flight
7 Nov 2018
It's 'un-Islamic' for PAS govt to favour musang king planters, say orang asli defending their jungle homes
18 Aug 2018
Gua Musang Orang Asli’s S.O.S. to Dr M following blockade destruction
10 Aug 2018
Golden-coloured durian confuses owner
3 Aug 2018
Standoff at Temiar blockade
30 Jul 2018
Two more men identified in botched robbery
18 Jul 2018
Three restaurants in Penang ordered to shut down
18 Jul 2018
Bumper harvest, so Karak orchard throws a durian party
17 Jul 2018
Durian seller stabbed multiple times in botched robbery
17 Jul 2018
Food critic Chua Lam names new durian species ‘Bao Bao’ durian
10 Jul 2018
Popular picks of this durian season in Penang are...
5 Jul 2018
Durian still a hit despite Thailand's dwindling season
5 Jul 2018
Online radio station to hold forum on cult issues
29 Jun 2018
Durian's seeds yielding good prices in Thailand
14 Jun 2018
Durians sold at half price in eastern Thailand
13 Jun 2018
Thai tourism authority invites public to taste "volcano durian" at orchards
6 Jun 2018