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Witnesses capture aftermath of Paris explosion, dozens hurt
22 Jun 2023
Father pleads for safe return of deaf son believed to have gone to Cambodia
2 Jun 2023
Govt has allocated RM1.48mil to search Mt Everest for missing climber Muhammad Hawari
24 May 2023
Smart glasses let deaf people 'see conversations'
2 Aug 2022
Enlisting the disabled in the fight against corruption
24 Jul 2022
Canada police crack down on vaccine mandate protests
8 Feb 2022
Deaf live-streamer wins over audience with her voice
6 Jan 2022
Cafe in PJ conducts Malaysian Sign Language classes, besides hiring deaf individuals
6 Nov 2021
Helping deaf Karate athletes to shine at world stage
18 Oct 2021
Sign language interpreters help hearing-impaired vaccinees at Covid-19 vaccination centre
1 Aug 2021
SMART members rescue three screaming teens in Pasir Mas
8 Jan 2021
Mute Korean pastor in Penang charged again
29 Dec 2020
Saifuddin: J-KOM to also focus on initiatives for persons with disabilities (PwD)
22 Dec 2020
Deaf-mute Korean pastor charged with molesting disabled men
18 Dec 2020
German couple's bakery in Changsha trains deaf people
7 Oct 2020
Hearing and visually impaired brothers run bakery
25 Sep 2020
Thailand's bookish lawyer who took on a king
18 Aug 2020
MAA on car duties: Our suggestions to Govt always falls on deaf ears
24 Jul 2020
Deaf and mute Sikh boy designs face mask extender for turbans, hijabs
27 Jun 2020
Breaking communication barriers with the public
22 Dec 2019
PM: Only the blind, dumb and deaf think PH and BN alike
18 Aug 2019
Anwar: Grouses of East Malaysia fell on “deaf” ears during BN reign
9 Apr 2019
Arty deaf couple tie the knot in Penang
22 Jul 2018
Psychiatric observation requested for man accused of Tanjung Sepat murders
25 Jan 2018
Murder-arson case postponed as accused requires sign language interpreter
19 Dec 2017
Hundreds attend funeral of Tg Sepat murder-arson victims
19 Dec 2017
Deaf and blind ballerina fights to save her arms
13 Sep 2017
Turning Point: Singapore's first deaf priest
3 Jun 2016