Deaf-mute Korean pastor charged with molesting disabled men

Published on 18 Dec 2020 2:09:53 PM

The lack of an international sign language interpreter led to a no plea being recorded when a 54-year-old deaf and mute Korean pastor was charged at a Butterworth Magistrate’s court in Penang on Friday with two counts of molesting two men.

Magistrate M. Kalaiarasi postponed Jee Jon Hoon’s case to Jan 18 next year, to allow the charges to be read again in the international sign language and to also record a plea.

Jee was first charged with allegedly molesting his first victim who was 21 then in a room at an apartment in Kampung Paya in Butterworth in Oct, 2013.

He was also charged with allegedly molesting his second victim, who was 24 then at the same location in July 2017.