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Liow: Johor and Selangor governments have polar opposite on Chinese education
18 Mar 2018
Mini stadium slated for Bentong
17 Mar 2018
Chew Mei Fun: Candidates chosen after thorough consideration
15 Mar 2018
Six new ERL trains to increase capacity by 50%
13 Mar 2018
Liow to Guan Eng: Don’t run away from Wee’s challenge
13 Mar 2018
Pakatan's manifesto impractical, says Liow
11 Mar 2018
Liow: Pakatan Harapan manifesto full of empty promises
10 Mar 2018
Aerobridge for Langkawi International Airport
4 Mar 2018
Alor Setar MCA shortlists two candidates for general election
4 Mar 2018
Liow tells Nazri: Mind your language
3 Mar 2018
MCA reiterates intention to contest in its traditional parliamentary seats in Kuala Lumpur
25 Feb 2018
Liow: No truth to claims BN neglected Penang
24 Feb 2018
Liow: Kit Siang can contest anywhere
23 Feb 2018
Give Registrar of Societies due respect, MCA tells Opposition
21 Feb 2018
Bentong folks celebrate CNY at open houses
20 Feb 2018
Liow ready to face whoever in Bentong
19 Feb 2018
On the right track for a big leap in rail development
17 Feb 2018
Penang undersea tunnel: Liow rubbishes allegations of pressuring CRCC to disclose information
13 Feb 2018
Liow: TAR UC may get university status by year-end
13 Feb 2018
10% discount on east coast highways in conjunction with CNY
11 Feb 2018
Transport Minister: Stern action against enforcement officers who violate work ethics
10 Feb 2018
Liow: Enforcement on road to be intensified during CNY period
10 Feb 2018
Liow: TAR UC will continue to produce high-calibre graduates
9 Feb 2018
Liow criticises Mahathir’s remarks on Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park
9 Feb 2018
Liow: Seabed Constructor returns to port for fuel
9 Feb 2018
Liow to Guan Eng: Are you in a catch-22 situation?
9 Feb 2018
Liow asks MAS to look into complaints on its new Airbus
8 Feb 2018
Renewed search for MH370 going on smoothly
7 Feb 2018
Liow urges SMEs to seize opportunities in Belt and Road Initiative
6 Feb 2018
CRCC confirms that it never contracted with Penang govt directly
5 Feb 2018
Liow: Asia-Pacific ministerial conference on civil aviation has achieved excellent results
1 Feb 2018
Liow: DCA to be revamped
31 Jan 2018
Wee Jeck Seng to defend seat while Tan Eng Meng is MCA’s choice for Pekan Nanas
23 Jan 2018
Liow: New search for MH370 in Indian Ocean underway
23 Jan 2018
MCA president cooks up CNY dish
19 Jan 2018
Liow: Pilot project for eCall to start soon
17 Jan 2018
Malaysia to pay U.S. firm up to US70mil if it finds MH370
10 Jan 2018
DAP has betrayed its Chinese supporters and party members, says Liow
9 Jan 2018
Dr M has hijacked Pakatan, says Liow
9 Jan 2018
Liow urges support for MCA and Gerakan
6 Jan 2018
Cabinet approves negotiation with Ocean Infinity, says Transport Minister
5 Jan 2018
Apology cannot undo damage caused to Malaysia, says MCA
31 Dec 2017
MCA to Muhyiddin: Stop insulting our party members
31 Dec 2017
Melaka hosts national-level Xmas celebration
28 Dec 2017
MCA-Gerakan: Stronger Together rally to boost party ties
19 Dec 2017
Brace for wave of change in Bentong and Raub, says MP
26 Nov 2017
Transport Ministry wants KTMB and SPAD to complete train derailment probe quick
24 Nov 2017
Liow: BN has made good on promises
23 Nov 2017
Carey Island mega port industrial city to ease congestion
23 Nov 2017
SMEs told to capitalise on the lucrative growing e-commerce market
23 Nov 2017
New showcase at KLIA gives visitors a taste of Malaysia
21 Nov 2017
Liow officiates Jom Sukan Bersama Masyarakat Orang Asli program
19 Nov 2017
Carey Island port project to go on as planned
19 Nov 2017
Hands off the phone on the road
19 Nov 2017
MCA party leaders pay last respects to Lim Swee Bok's family
16 Nov 2017
MCA leaders wrap up the 64th AGM
5 Nov 2017
MCA president predicts DAP will tumble in GE14
5 Nov 2017
MCA looks to double its seats in next polls
5 Nov 2017
Pakatan...even the name is sinister, says MCA president
5 Nov 2017
GE14 - Bring it on, says Liow
5 Nov 2017
Liow: MCA confident of winning Chinese support
5 Nov 2017
Let's complete the 16 Chinese schools fast, says MCA president
4 Nov 2017
MCA president says Malay votes will still be with Umno
4 Nov 2017
MCA president shows admiration for PM
4 Nov 2017
Liow: MCA hit by unfair criticism over Chinese education
2 Nov 2017
Liow: Search for MH370 may resume in January
1 Nov 2017
Next general election important turning point for MCA, says Liow
31 Oct 2017
Govt approves construction of 10 new Chinese primary schools
26 Oct 2017
MCA believes new Communist Party leadership will continue to spur global growth
26 Oct 2017
Enhance road safety campaigns to prevent bus crashes, says Liow
25 Oct 2017
Connect with Chinese community, MCA president tells party members
22 Oct 2017
GoGo Empire - KLICC mobile app launched in Bentong
21 Oct 2017
Be proactive, Liow urges youth
20 Oct 2017
Late Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay remembered as selfless and caring man
20 Oct 2017
Liow: Bellew's departure won't affect Malaysia Airlines' recovery
18 Oct 2017
Proposal for Bangkok-KL high-speed rail still at infancy stage, says transport minister
17 Oct 2017
Malaysia says no decision on embarking on new MH370 search
17 Oct 2017
Pakatan’s idea to abolish GST does not make sense, says Liow
16 Oct 2017
Liow: Dr M no longer trusted due to 'u-turns'
6 Oct 2017
Liow: Jamal should act with sensitivity
6 Oct 2017
MCA disagrees with Taib's suggestion on regaining Selangor
6 Oct 2017
Govt taking giant steps to develop digital economy
5 Oct 2017
Malaysia and India to discuss more flight routes
26 Sep 2017
Don't mix up those coming for beer festival and gay party
24 Sep 2017
Liow: Moral values among youth are important too
23 Sep 2017
Liow: I was just performing my duty
22 Sep 2017
Liow: Chinese urged to support Najib
16 Sep 2017
Liow: 20 more offences to be added in Kejara list by year end
15 Sep 2017