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Maszlee: Schools for education, not politics
18 Jul 2019
Ipoh school to get RM100,000 for repair work after storm
7 Apr 2019
Jungle classroom for Orang Asli kids improves learning
22 Mar 2019
Teo: Teachers must follow assessment guide
21 Dec 2018
No more mid- and final year exams for Year 1 to 3 pupils
19 Dec 2018
Classroom in the cinema
15 Nov 2018
Georgia teacher arrested after firing gunshot alone in school classroom
1 Mar 2018
Students scramble as fire breaks out at Tawau primary school
23 Feb 2018
SUV crashes into Australian school, kills two children
7 Nov 2017
No special treatment for Prince George at new school
7 Sep 2017
School teaches students to make circuit breakers
2 Mar 2017
Golden Hearts Award 2016: The Angel who rescued me
25 Nov 2016