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No back door in applications for citizenship, says Muhyiddin
29 Jul 2019
Family pleads for stateless daughter to be granted citizenship
1 Apr 2019
Muhyiddin: Govt to speed up citizenship process for stateless persons
1 Apr 2019
Man remanded six days for wife's murder
20 Mar 2019
Teen who joined I.S. in Syria to lose UK citizenship
20 Feb 2019
The sky is the limit
10 Oct 2018
Senior citizens with red MyKad to get citizenship soon
14 Aug 2018
Special committee to resolve citizenship issues
3 Jul 2018
Hundreds turned up in hope of Malaysian Citizenship
30 Jun 2018
France offers citizenship to Malian immigrant who rescued a child
29 May 2018
Malian hero to receive French citizenship
28 May 2018
Stateless, top student may obtain citizenship today, says lawyer
21 Mar 2018
Stateless siblings back to school
22 Jan 2018
Najib rubbishes claim of 300,000 stateless Indians
31 Oct 2017
Australia's political crisis: Deputy PM disqualified
27 Oct 2017