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18 May 2024
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22 Apr 2024
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2 Apr 2024
"Dragon Ball" creator Akira Toriyama dies at 68
8 Mar 2024
Lat bestowed with 'Seniman Diraja' title by Perak Ruler
8 Jul 2023
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2 Mar 2023
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6 Nov 2022
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30 Oct 2022
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14 Apr 2022
Fahmi Reza called up by cops again over latest drawing
14 Apr 2022
Cartoonists VS Covid-19’ exhibition showcases local artists’ works made during MCO
26 Jun 2020
Web cartoonist turns Covid-19 battle into comic action
22 Apr 2020
Celebrating Malaysia’s diversity with Lat at National Art Gallery
8 Aug 2019
Stakes are high for Upin and Ipin to conquer China
19 Apr 2019
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17 Apr 2019
Drawing on inspiration
14 Apr 2019
'SpongeBob Squarepants' creator dies
28 Nov 2018
Zunar travelling overseas again following travel ban removal
25 Jun 2018
‘Ah Bok’ is all set to serve Pengkalan Kota
23 Apr 2018
Frenchman sends his Trump cartoons to White House
2 Mar 2018
'Toy Story' designer Bud Luckey dies at 83
27 Feb 2018
Fahmi Reza gets jail, fined over clown caricature
20 Feb 2018
Cute cartoon design pancakes sold off cart
5 Feb 2018
Dream come true: Boy with rare skin disorder meets Upin and Ipin
15 Nov 2017
One million #AnakAnakMalaysia wristbands to be distributed nationwide
31 Jul 2017
Turning Point: Becoming Singapore's Walt Disney
8 Jun 2016
Cartoonists sharpen pencils as satire makes a comeback
11 Mar 2016
FCX: Meet Malaysian Cartoonist Sam Hepburn, Creator Of 'Welcome To Agency X'
9 Sep 2015