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Observing rituals from home again on Wesak Day
26 May 2021
Devotees will take Wesak Day celebrations online this year
22 May 2021
Online viewing of CNY lantern lighting up ceremony at Dong Zen Temple
10 Feb 2021
Tens of thousands rally against Myanmar coup
7 Feb 2021
Buddhist grottoes artwork exhibited in Luoyang Museum
22 Oct 2020
Close to 20 killed on temple trip in Thailand
11 Oct 2020
Better understanding of each others' religion can help foster unity, say religious leaders
20 Sep 2020
Devotees donate RM35,000 to aid charity organisations
5 Jul 2020
Covid-19: SOPs for mosque congregational prayers being fine tuned, says PM
10 May 2020
Difficult to celebrate Wesak but may the day strengthen family ties, says PM
6 May 2020
Monk ordination exercise at Penang temple to clear the minds
27 Nov 2019
Thai 'Tiger Temple' blames government for deaths of rescued tigers
16 Sep 2019
Elephant rampages through crowd at Sri Lankan festival
10 Sep 2019
An evening to celebrate Wesak Day and Iftar Ramadhan
25 May 2019
Celebrating Wesak Day at BUBS
19 May 2019
Reuters journalists freed in Myanmar after 511 days behind bars
7 May 2019
Thailand holds ornate coronation ceremonies for its king
4 May 2019
Malaysian climber rescued from Mt Annapurna dies in Singapore hospital
2 May 2019
Masjid Nurul Yaqin’s open day
1 May 2019
A splashing start to usher in Thai New Year in Penang
13 Apr 2019
Monk remanded for sexually assaulting two teenage boys
16 Jan 2019
Myanmar court rejects jailed reporters' appeal
11 Jan 2019
Thai cave boys in ceremony to become Buddhist novices
25 Jul 2018
Wesak Day parade attracts devotees and tourists in Kuala Lumpur
30 May 2018
DAP’s assemblymen celebrate Wesak Day along with Buddhist devotees
29 May 2018
Perak village has a splashing time during Songkran festival
16 Apr 2018
ASEAN Scoop: Robe-covering event on Buddha image in Thailand
13 Apr 2018
Young novice impresses temple goers with sharp memory
4 Apr 2018
Thai temple filled with jazz music
28 Feb 2018
Foreign husband praised for courtesy to monks and homeless
20 Feb 2018
Thai volunteers chip in to help with temple's construction after online plea
22 Jan 2018
Develop Malaysia with moderation approach, says MCA
7 Jan 2018
Police arrest duo who allegedly stole Buddha statue
22 Dec 2017
90-year-old Buddhist statue stolen from Penang temple
21 Dec 2017
Wife of slain man prays for him at crime scene
19 Dec 2017
Vincent Tan donates RM500,000 to aid Penang flood victims
23 Nov 2017
A record number of foreign Buddhist devotees in the Kathina ceremony
31 Oct 2017
Mourners congregate for late Thai king's five day funeral
27 Oct 2017
Thailand kicks off grand funeral of King Bhumibol Adulyadej
25 Oct 2017
Vegetarian festival begins
23 Oct 2017
Thailand marks 1st anniversary of late king's death
13 Oct 2017
Buddhist Lent Festival ends with ceremonial lotus tossing
9 Oct 2017
Kung Fu nuns in India strike back at attacks against women
25 Aug 2017
Phitsanulok's tall spirit house is an attraction to visitors in the province
13 Jul 2017
Phistanulok's "Cannonball" trees are in full bloom
12 Jul 2017
Petchaburi's traditional way of giving alms
5 Jul 2017
Bodhi tree with pink tinge discovered at Thai temple
12 Jun 2017
United through Wesak
11 May 2017
Celebrating Wesak Day at Yaku Pagoda
10 May 2017
Abbot assures public that temple’s Asian black bear was well cared for
20 Apr 2017
Sand pagodas for the Thai New Year
13 Apr 2017
Famous Buddhist temple creates a new shopping zone
10 Mar 2017
Devotees gather ‘golden leaves’ from sacred tree
3 Mar 2017
Guan Yin worship festival draws a large crowd
16 Feb 2017
Mysterious serpent-like track appears in temple
8 Dec 2016
Pagoda on mountaintop offers locals a stunning scenery
6 Dec 2016
Myanmar quake damages ancient temples
25 Aug 2016