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Zakir Naik barred from speaking in public throughout the country
20 Aug 2019
Wee: Lowering voting age to 18 is in our favour
9 Jul 2019
No directive issued to stop Najib from entering Sabah, says CM
9 May 2019
It’s not a Speaker's obligation to ensure MP's attendance, says Nga
20 Mar 2019
Penang city council responsible for Bukit Kukus landslide, special panel concludes
13 Feb 2019
Dr M: Losing hosting rights will not change our stance on Israel
28 Jan 2019
Former Cameron Highlands MP Sivarraajh fails to quash EC ban
10 Jan 2019
Najib’s supporters barred from entering Duta court complex
8 Aug 2018
Driver barred from riding school truck seen running red light in video
8 Jun 2018
Guan Eng shocked that Finance Ministry officials blocked from 'red files'
22 May 2018
1MDB top guns barred from leaving Malaysia
16 May 2018
1MDB top guns barred from leaving Malaysia
16 May 2018
Immigration: Najib, Rosmah barred from leaving
12 May 2018
Outsiders barred from visiting Nik Aziz's grave, says relative
6 May 2018
Barred candidate issues a letter of demand to EC
30 Apr 2018
Access denied: Tun M barred from visiting Anwar
10 Jan 2018
Bung’s ‘naked’ truth - wanting remarks about women
20 Nov 2017
There must be some rationale behind Johor ban on Mufti Menk, says Hisham
2 Nov 2017
Mother and son back in Malaysia after two-year ordeal in China
5 Oct 2017
Chaos at Nothing to Hide 2 forum
13 Aug 2017
Border closure affects business in Sa Kaew
18 Jul 2017
Orang Asli demands answer on the blockade
13 Oct 2016