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Amendments to Insolvency Act passed unanimously
24 May 2023
Two new categories for bankruptcy discharge under Insolvency Act amendments
23 May 2023
BNM governor denies OPR rise has resulted in bankruptcies going up
12 May 2023
Lee Kim Yew claims he is still solvent, says US arbitration court decision used in bankruptcy notice
13 Apr 2023
Bankruptcy cases involving entrepreneurs drop to 5,695 last year
28 Mar 2023
Argentina's drought pushes farmers to the brink
18 Feb 2023
Govt to review bankruptcy threshold, says PM
26 Jun 2022
Unpaid by Evergrande, supplier sells Porsche and home to rescue his business
29 Sep 2021
Rina Harun fails to show up in court over hearing of lawsuit by Paris-based firm
9 Sep 2020
Govt should allow six-month grace period for individuals to settle debt before bankruptcy
25 Aug 2020
Takiyuddin: Govt to table amendment to Insolvency Act
4 Aug 2020
PM: Reduce borrowing with China top of agenda for trip to Beijing
20 Jul 2018
Toys 'R' Us will likely shut all U.S. stores
15 Mar 2018
The Weinstein Company to file for bankruptcy
26 Feb 2018