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Protests won't affect HK tourist arrivals to Malaysia
5 Aug 2019
Hong Kong protesters reach out to air travellers over extradition bill
26 Jul 2019
Dr M: Be hospitable to our visitors
22 Jul 2019
Dr M unveils VM 2020 logo, sets 30 million tourist arrivals target
22 Jul 2019
Saddiq: Stop speculating on Chong Wei’s future
11 Jun 2019
Tourism Ministry proposes to ease visa-on-arrival requirements for China tourists
29 May 2019
Tulips for a good cause
10 May 2019
PM arrives in Islamabad for three-day visit
22 Mar 2019
Visiting South Korean President Moon accorded state welcome at Parliament Square
13 Mar 2019
Malaysia-China ties see new progress ahead of anniversary
18 Feb 2019
Chinese holidaymakers celebrate arrival of Year of the Pig
9 Feb 2019
Foreign crewmen stranded in Sabah waters
30 Nov 2018
“We will meet once I’m well rested”, says Chong Wei
7 Oct 2018
Malaysia on track to hit 33.1 million tourist arrivals mark
25 Aug 2018
Indonesian parents name baby ‘Asian Games’
22 Aug 2018
Ku Li reluctant to comment on Equanimity
7 Aug 2018
Jack Ma launches Southeast Asia's first Alibaba office in Malaysia
18 Jun 2018
Kim-Trump summit: Arrivals of the leaders on June 10
10 Jun 2018
Detained Rohingya refugees sent to immigration depot
3 Apr 2018
Malaysia to earn RM168bil from 36mil tourist arrivals by 2020
27 Mar 2018
Youths rescued from scam ring in Thailand now in Malaysian police custody
20 Jan 2018
World's major cities ring in 2018
1 Jan 2018
Cold weather and blooming season boost tourists arrivals
1 Dec 2017
Lotus bloom in Udon Thani ushers tourist arrivals in the province
28 Nov 2017
“The silent walk”
7 Nov 2017
Bangkok is one of the world's prime tourist destination
28 Sep 2017
Puerto Ricans prepare for Hurricane Maria's arrival
20 Sep 2017
NZ Airbnb fire: Home sweet home for Malaysian family
18 Sep 2017
Athletes arrive in KL for 9th Asean Para Games
13 Sep 2017
Buriram's airport undergoes renovation
21 Aug 2017
Automated immigration kiosks introduced for Singaporean travelers in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport
21 Aug 2017
Surat Thani's prawning boats to woo tourists in the province
29 Jun 2017
Jumbo's​ new arrival caught on camera
16 Jun 2017