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Nearly 50 Palestinians wounded in Nakba anniversary protests
16 May 2019
Perak MB takes a swipe at fair-weather NGOs 'championing' Orang Asli rights
13 May 2019
Umno celebrates low-key 73rd birthday
11 May 2019
‘Shared prosperity’ economic model will lead to unified nation, says Dr M
9 May 2019
PM: Umno, PAS need to stop manipulating Malay-Muslim issues for political gain
9 May 2019
Dr M: People might be ‘bored’ with BN’s wrongdoings but we are paying for it
9 May 2019
Spotlight: Malaysia needs an economic growth plan
9 May 2019
Dr M: Many achievements, but mentality needs to change
8 May 2019
Dr Wan Azizah: There is still room for improvement
7 May 2019
A full circle: Dr Wan Azizah on her political life
7 May 2019
Muhyiddin: It will take time to change image of Home Ministry
6 May 2019
Home Ministry: More than just enforcing the laws
6 May 2019
PM gives his Cabinet a five out of 10, but says no reshuffliing
6 May 2019
PM: Still no solution in sight for MAS
6 May 2019
Dr M ups ante in spat with TMJ, calls him a ‘little boy’ and ‘stupid’
6 May 2019
Muhyiddin: Stern action against anyone who insults any religion
2 May 2019
Muhyiddin: Names of prospective IGP given to PM
26 Apr 2019
Leonardo was ambidextrous
9 Apr 2019
Hot air balloon fiesta takes off in Putrajaya
29 Mar 2019
Petrosains turns 20
25 Mar 2019
TAR UC continues to stand tall in academia
17 Mar 2019
Five years on, MH370 families band together but mystery remains
7 Mar 2019
Dr Wee: MCA and MIC to meet in three days
2 Mar 2019
MCA forms shadow cabinet for “check and balance,” says Dr Wee
2 Mar 2019
Dr Wee responds to Tok Mat’s “penumpang” remark
2 Mar 2019
Dr Wee: MCA 2.0 to take on mantle in facing new challenges
2 Mar 2019
Home Ministry proposes RM2/hr allowance raise for Rela personnel
19 Feb 2019
Guan Eng: Japanese investors shunned Malaysia because of 1MDB scandal
19 Feb 2019
Malaysia-China ties see new progress ahead of anniversary
18 Feb 2019
Terrifying journey for Pastor Koh’s family not over
12 Feb 2019
Kong Zi Institute UM celebrates 10th anniversary
9 Feb 2019
China won't be dictated to by an outsider, says Xi Jinping
19 Dec 2018
Highland Towers: 25 years on and not forgotten
11 Dec 2018
Do you know ... The Highland Towers tragedy?
11 Dec 2018
Happily ever after for Fazley Yaakob and Azrene
28 Nov 2018
PNB expects tough times ahead
26 Nov 2018
Ambiga receives UN award
24 Oct 2018
Star Education Fund: Twenty five years of nurturing talents
6 Oct 2018
Star Education Fund scholars share life-changing journey
6 Oct 2018
Dr M’s full speech: We will never go down Umno’s path
9 Sep 2018
National Art Gallery celebrates 60th anniversary
5 Sep 2018
Full PC: Anwar on 20th anniversary of sacking by Dr M and his return to Parliament
2 Sep 2018
We will continue to seek justice for MH17 victims, says Loke
17 Jul 2018
Colourful celebration of heritage
8 Jul 2018
London lights up to mark one year since London's deadly Grenfell fire
14 Jun 2018
China says US cannot demand it to do anything
4 Jun 2018
Uncle Ho's 128th anniversary celebrated in Thai province
22 May 2018
Anwar meets former Indonesian president in Jakarta
20 May 2018
Scuffle breaks out at Umno’s 72nd anniversary
11 May 2018
Umno marks 72nd anniversary in sombre mood
11 May 2018
Celebration of Buddha statue built 50 years ago
16 Apr 2018
Facebook Live celebrates 3.5 billion broadcasts on its 2nd birthday
7 Apr 2018
Japan tsunami, nuclear tragedy remembered seven years on
11 Mar 2018
Seven years after tsunami, Japanese live alongside high sea walls
10 Mar 2018
Zahid: PTPTN has democratised education
8 Mar 2018
Chinese relatives of missing MH370 passengers demand answers on 4th anniversary
8 Mar 2018
Penang’s Rifle Range Flats turns 50 this year
7 Mar 2018
Remember MH370 incident always, urges Voice370
3 Mar 2018
Liow tells Nazri: Mind your language
3 Mar 2018
ICAN founder: Nuclear weapons are self-destructive
8 Jan 2018
Grand dance held in honour of Thai navy founder
22 Dec 2017
China marks Nanjing Massacre anniversary
14 Dec 2017
'Celebrate Asia with Us' event marks dimsum's birthday
1 Dec 2017
Commemorative stamps in honour of Yap Ah Loy's 180th birthday
22 Nov 2017
Prince Charles and Camilla attends St Mary's church service
4 Nov 2017
Apologise for Ops Lalang, Dr M told
28 Oct 2017
Paying tribute to sibling deities
28 Oct 2017
Three receive UN sustainable development awards
24 Oct 2017
Pioneer club in MJHL to mark 27th anniversary
19 Oct 2017
Thailand observes one year of King Bhumibol's passing
18 Oct 2017
Thailand marks 1st anniversary of late king's death
13 Oct 2017
Civil society coalition to hold forum on 30th anniversary of Ops Lalang
13 Oct 2017
100 years of Thailand's national colours
2 Oct 2017
Jack Ma shows off MJ dance moves
13 Sep 2017
Apple set to unveil anniversary iPhone
12 Sep 2017
Renewed digital drive as The Star marks its 46th year
11 Sep 2017
Federal Hotel at your service
7 Sep 2017
National Day parade ushers in 60th anniversary of Malaysia's independence
31 Aug 2017
Perak Sultan launches book "Fulfilling A Legacy - Tun Razak Foundation"
29 Aug 2017
Najib: Asean must put citizens' aspirations first
14 Aug 2017
UTAR celebrates 15th anniversary
10 Aug 2017
Filipino pop stars give preview of concert to mark Asean’s 50th year
8 Aug 2017
2017 ASEAN Culinary Festival highlights
14 Jul 2017