Ramadan recipes: Soto Ayam

Published on 28 Jun 2016 3:36:44 PM

Soup Ingredients:
60 grams boiled chicken, shredded
3 tbsp fried shallots
15 grams bean sprouts
15 grams white cabbage, sliced
½ soft-boiled egg
3 celery stalks
1 piece of lemongrass
2 lime leaves
500 ml water or chicken stock

Yellow Spice Ingredients:
4 shallots
2 cloves of garlic
1 candlenut
½ tbsp coriander seeds
4-cm piece of turmeric
½ tbsp white pepper
½ tbsp salt
1 tsp sugar

Mash all of the yellow spice ingredients and stir fry. Add water or chicken stock, lemongrass and lime leaves. Arrange shredded chicken, white cabbage, bean sprouts, celery, boiled egg and sliced tomato in a bowl. Add broth to the bowl. Top with fried shallots.