FCX: Eating Live Sago Worms #SquealMeal

Published on 26 Nov 2015 9:38:49 PM

Writers and editors from Star2 and other sections of the paper bite into some juicy, creamy, wriggly live sago worms for the Star2 Monthly Challenge, #Squealmeal, in which we encourage everyone to try eating food that they wouldn't normally do.

So far, we've eaten fried hornet larvae (a snack from Kelantan), deep-fried scorpion, farmed crocodile penis, tara shirako (a Japanese cuisine that's really the milt i.e. sperm sack of the cod fish), balut (a Filipino delicacy that's actually a fertilised duck egg) and chòu dòufu (a form of fermented tofu that's considered a must-try in China and Taiwan).

To take part in this Star2 Monthly Challenge, just record a short video of you attempting to eat something you normally wouldn't, and post it (along with a description) on our Star2.com Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/star2dotcom/. Don't forget to hashtag #Star2MonthlyChallenge and #SquealMeal.

Some general rules apply. Do not attempt to eat protected or endangered animals. Product placements and service promotions are also not allowed. And keep it clean. Bon appétit!

Check out staffers dive head first into the challenge and tuck into some squeal-worthy sago worms!