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Dragon boat market in China's Zhejiang booms on festival demand
14 May 2024
Yiwu's small commodity wholesalers cash in for Paris Olympics
17 Apr 2024
Gen Z animal caregiver goes viral with cuddly cub videos
31 Mar 2024
A wealth of knowledge inscribed on teapots
8 Nov 2023
2023 Wuzhen Theater Festival wows global theater lovers
1 Nov 2023
How to practice zero waste at Hangzhou Asian Games
27 Sep 2023
Grand opening ceremony of Asian Games wows foreign guests
24 Sep 2023
Asian Games open in Hangzhou after one-year delay
23 Sep 2023
East China's Zhejiang gears up for Typhoon Khanun
2 Aug 2023
Malaysia has potential to be regional automotive industry leader, says Anwar
7 May 2023
Digital power grid empowers Hangzhou Asian Games
2 May 2023
The `Silicon Valley` hidden in ancient river town
11 Apr 2023
Geely's RM30bil investment opens new page for national EV ecosystem, says Chang
6 Apr 2023
Zhejiang Frontier: Exloring China's economic vitality from Ningbo Zhoushan port
17 Mar 2023
Secret of making China's West Lake Longjing tea
30 Nov 2022
Chinese traditional ink brush goes global through Internet
2 Oct 2022
A cosmic idea helps to cultivate terrestrial crops
4 Sep 2022
Fire engine gets swept away amid floods in southern China
20 Jun 2022
Hangzhou Asian Games postponed until 2023 due to Covid-19
6 May 2022
Camping fever on rise in China
6 May 2022
A taste of Chinese Jinhua ham
19 Mar 2022
Logistics centres in Hangzhou take strict measures to fight Covid-19
16 Mar 2022
Chinese clothing manufacturer resumes production after 20-day suspension
28 Jan 2022
Celebrate Wuzhen Theatre Festival
30 Oct 2021
Chinese people worship legendary ancestor in east China
16 Oct 2021
Rescue of stranded whales concludes in east China's Zhejiang
8 Jul 2021
Fireflies in East China
11 May 2021
Alibaba fined US$2.75bil by Chinese regulators
11 Apr 2021
German family writes couplets ahead of Chinese New Year
11 Feb 2021
Ancient artefacts found in east China
22 Nov 2020
Eating fried rice cake is Chinese village's secret code to happiness
21 Nov 2020
Highway worker saves driver from possible fatal accident
17 Nov 2020
Aerial view of "Golden Tourist Railway" in east China
4 Oct 2020
China Daily | Irish recovers from Covid-19 thanks to practical Chinese advice
15 Jul 2020
Death toll rises to 19 in east China tank truck blast
14 Jun 2020
Five generations of a family serve as lighthouse keepers in China
8 Jun 2020
Malaysia extends travel ban on travellers from two more China provinces
9 Feb 2020
Typhoon Lekima makes landfall in eastern China
10 Aug 2019
China to execute driver who killed passenger of ride-hailing firm
1 Feb 2019
China ride-hailing driver confesses to murder prompting crackdown
28 Aug 2018
A Malaysian student’s delightful rendezvous with Dr M in Proton concept car
21 Aug 2018
Proton to set up factory with Geely in China to penetrate market there
18 Aug 2018
At least two killed, dozens of others injured in Ningbo factory blast
26 Nov 2017
Business plan needed for Geely & Proton
23 Jun 2017
Najib: Plans to expand Proton across Asean
23 Jun 2017