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YouTubers say sorry for their lewd act outside Johor royal residence
21 Feb 2022
YouTubers in trouble for lewd poses
19 Feb 2022
YouTuber charged with uploading insulting MCO video on his Facebook page
17 Dec 2021
China's Chongqing wows Canadian YouTuber with rail network
21 Oct 2021
Johor police arrest six men for allegedly extorting YouTubers
22 Oct 2020
Court charges YouTuber Sugu with possession of sickle; trial in January next year
22 Oct 2020
British YouTubers explore Chongqing
7 Oct 2020
Zahidi apologises in Dewan Negara for causing confusion over Veveonah remark
10 Sep 2020
Deputy minister apologises after claiming student YouTuber lied for views
4 Sep 2020
Court orders Pavithra to submit official letter to not proceed case against husband Sugu
17 Aug 2020
YouTube star Pavithra's husband Sugu charged again, this time for hurting her
24 Jul 2020
YouTube couple Sugu Pavithra rejects Ipoh City Icon award
24 Jul 2020
Balik Pulau Nature Exploration
14 Nov 2019
Jinnyboy writes a #LetterToMyYoungerSelf
16 Jan 2018
YouTuber Logan Paul apologises after dead man video
3 Jan 2018
Amos Yee’s talk at Harvard axed
13 Nov 2017