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Solar flare brings dazzling aurora light show to northern China
13 May 2024
China's Ulungu Lake welcomes tundra swans
14 Apr 2024
XINHUA: Pigeon whistles of Xinjiang's ancient city
11 Apr 2024
Colourful rocks adorning mountain of Xinjiang a geological marvel
23 Mar 2024
Xinjiang's Pamir Plateau welcomes spring transformation
17 Mar 2024
People across China celebrate a vibrant Spring Festival
13 Feb 2024
How is highway tunnel constructed above 3,000 meters in China
31 Jan 2024
China doing great in advancing human rights in Xinjiang: Tanzanian woman
28 Jan 2024
Xinjiang quake kills three, more than 12,000 evacuated
25 Jan 2024
Xinjiang quake: No casualties but injuries and collapsed buildings reported
23 Jan 2024
Rural areas in China's Xinjiang develop Australian freshwater crayfish farming
17 Jan 2024
Xinjiang cotton - the epitome of modern agriculture
14 Nov 2023
A vibrant city on ancient Silk Road - Kashgar in the eyes of foreigners
2 Nov 2023
In the line of duty: Diligent firefighters of Kashgar Old Town, Xinjiang
28 Oct 2023
Green miracle in China's largest desert
25 Sep 2023
Herders journey towards cool autumn pastures in northwest China's Xinjiang
7 Sep 2023
Xinjiang’s hami melon farmers enjoy bumper harvest
5 Sep 2023
Horgos: A new transportation hub under Belt and Road framework
4 Aug 2023
Visit to lively night market in Xinjiang's small town
7 Jun 2023
More young people in Xinjiang engaged in intangible cultural heritage protection
15 May 2023
An unusual summer thrill: ski resort welcomes visitors in Xinjiang
14 May 2023
Story of a bakery owner in China's Xinjiang
11 May 2023
China's Kashgar to see spike in tourists during May Day holiday
28 Apr 2023
It’s a family affair for Muslims in China's Xinjiang during Eid al-Fitr
24 Apr 2023
Jiaohe Ruins: Archaeological researcher preserves the past for future generations
21 Apr 2023
An archaeologist’s mission to protect Jiaohe Ruins
21 Apr 2023
China-Pakistan border port in Xinjiang resumes passage for travellers
5 Apr 2023
Yuhu lake: cracked ice creates stunning views in Xinjiang
12 Mar 2023
Largest livestock market in Xinjiang opens
4 Feb 2023
A rare scenery on icy Bosten Lake in Xinjiang
29 Jan 2023
Saxaul saplings planted in Xinjiang's desert county
3 Dec 2022
Three residents rescued in blizzard-hit Altay in China's Xinjiang
1 Dec 2022
World's largest natural desert poplar forest turns golden in Xinjiang, China
13 Nov 2022
Breathtaking autumn sunset in Xinjiang
25 Sep 2022
100,000 livestock start autumn migration in Xinjiang
13 Sep 2022
Xinjiang students settle down in Wuhan
2 Sep 2022
Harvest season for popular hami melons in Xinjiang
23 Aug 2022
Xinjiang farmers embrace peanut harvest season
13 Aug 2022
Picturesque highway in China's Xinjiang boosts local tourism
3 Aug 2022
See you again, Bayanbulak
20 Jun 2022
Woman shows how she manages vast cotton fields in Xinjiang
19 Jun 2022
Relic protectors ensure ancient Silk Road murals are well maintained
13 Jun 2022
Musical heritage resounds in Xinjiang village
12 Jun 2022
Bazaar vibes of Xinjiang in 90 seconds
6 Jun 2022
Zero-carbon road in China's largest desert
3 Jun 2022
Kindergarten mates and family of Uyghur boy throw birthday parties for him
29 May 2022
Watch how wildlife roam free in northwest China's Altun Mountains
19 May 2022
Xinjiang, My home: Inheritor of intangible cultural heritage suona
15 May 2022
Magnificent "ice pile" scenery in Xinjiang's Sayram Lake
30 Apr 2022
Shop owner's passion for fashion, family in Xinjiang
29 Apr 2022
Off-road enthusiasts cross "Sea of Death" in China's Xinjiang
24 Apr 2022
Female livestreamer helps locals increase income in Xinjiang
13 Apr 2022
Xinjiang, My home: An inheritor of embroidery
14 Mar 2022
Xinjiang, My home: Hat maker's fulfilling life
6 Mar 2022
Goldsmith of Kazakh ethnic group calls Xinjiang home
3 Mar 2022
Xinjiang, My home: A taxi driver's passion for work
17 Feb 2022
Xinjiang, My home: A painter's happy life
9 Feb 2022
Xinjiang, My home: Dancer turns hobby into career
25 Jan 2022
A Uygur vlogger's new life
23 Jan 2022
Sportswear company creates jobs for local Uygurs in Xinjiang
18 Jan 2022
Xinjiang, My home: Inheritor of traditional musical instrument
17 Jan 2022
How many babies can Uygurs have in Xinjiang?
15 Jan 2022
Xinjiang, My home: Inheritor of traditional Mongolian Sawurdeng Dance
12 Jan 2022
Xinjiang, My home: A farmer-turned worker's prosperous life
9 Jan 2022
Meet tour guide from Xinjiang’s ancient Huiyuan city
5 Jan 2022
Carrefour China launches "Xinjiang fine goods festival" to promote Xinjiang products
2 Jan 2022
Xinjiang, My home: Inheritor of traditional knife-making craft
14 Dec 2021
Xinjiang, My home: Gold medal BBQ chef
1 Dec 2021
A folk musician introduces Uyghur musical instruments
21 Nov 2021
Smart technologies help Xinjiang farmers embrace cotton harvest
31 Oct 2021
China Daily | A drawing of the family
30 Oct 2021
Xinjiang, My Home: Farmer embraces happy life by planting cotton
24 Oct 2021
Xinjiang, My Home: Dried fruit vendor
23 Oct 2021
Xinjiang, My Home, Nang baker Abudujilili
21 Oct 2021
Happy time for Xinjiang shopkeeper Masahan Mijit
19 Oct 2021
"Riding" on 2,000-year-old bronze chariots
17 Oct 2021
Xinjiang, My Home: Mother of three model for her own clothing store
8 Oct 2021
Happy 83-year-old man plays beautiful music in Xinjiang
5 Oct 2021
China Daily | Meet Xinjiang’s zither player
3 Oct 2021
Track-laying work for major railway in China's Xinjiang completed
28 Sep 2021
Meet the family of music lovers from Xinjiang
27 Sep 2021
Xinjiang's fragrant pears usher in the harvest season
22 Sep 2021
Chinese ambassador barred from UK parliament
15 Sep 2021
Premium wine brewed in China’s Gobi desert
11 Sep 2021
China Daily | Cool treats from Yibulayimu
29 Aug 2021
Woman guards over 100 wolves in valley of Xinjiang
25 Aug 2021
English teacher in China's Xinjiang uses self-made videos as a teaching tool
18 Aug 2021
Corn farming in Turpan, China
12 Aug 2021
Tajik dancer on Pamir Plateau
11 Aug 2021
Pakistani trader living in China's Xinjiang for love
5 Aug 2021
Xinjiang, My home: Grilled fish restaurant owner creates better life
3 Aug 2021
Ethnic Kazakh father records happy life through paintings
20 Jul 2021
Electricians work to ensure stable power supply for Xinjiang
13 Jul 2021
Melon harvest begins in China’s Kuqa
13 Jul 2021
Why Xinjiang cotton even more popular in global market
9 Jul 2021
China's Xinjiang holds light show to celebrate CPC centenary
4 Jul 2021
Xinjiang, My home: A dedicated kindergarten teacher
4 Jul 2021
Homestay owner pursues tranquility in Qiongkushitai, Xinjiang
3 Jul 2021
Charm of Hoboksar's traditional music
1 Jul 2021