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Xinjiang's village official devoted to her work
17 Oct 2020
Determined young farmer Buaziz
28 Sep 2020
Xinjiang, my home 
17 Sep 2020
Flying over one of world's highest-altitude highways
17 Sep 2020
Almond helps Xinjiang farmers find way out of poverty
1 Sep 2020
Third highway across Taklimakan desert bridges Tarim River
31 Aug 2020
Export of Xinjiang fragrant pears resumes during Covid-19 pandemic
19 Aug 2020
Rare animals in Altun Mountain, NW China's Xinjiang
15 Aug 2020
Young man fulfills photography dreams
13 Jul 2020
Xinjiang’s businessman tale: From rose to wealth
13 Jul 2020
Art of making Rawap, traditional musical instrument of Xinjiang
10 Jul 2020
Birthing season for Tibetan antelopes
9 Jul 2020
Exploring "City in the Sky" park in NW China
9 Jul 2020
Farewell to "sour" life: Cleaner water for arid Xinjiang
4 Jul 2020
Surprise snow storm hits NW China's Xinjiang
3 Jul 2020
China's Xinjiang arranges charted cargo flights to transport fresh fruit
23 Jun 2020
Amazing China: Mysterious Kanas Lake
1 Feb 2020
Chinese embassy invites Malaysians to visit Xinjiang to counter 'fake news' on Uighur treatment
27 Dec 2019
Clashes erupt in Hong Kong as police try to clear protesters after Uighur rally
23 Dec 2019
Muslim group stages silent protest against China
21 Dec 2019
Xinjiang’s Uyghurs rights issue: Protests in Jakarta and Istanbul
21 Dec 2019
Chinese envoy to Australia says reports of detention of Uighurs 'fake news'
20 Dec 2019
Mat Sabu to seek explanation from Dr Mujahid over 'false news' remarks
30 Jun 2019
Urban Tales: Kashgar rapper
4 May 2019
Urban Tales: On the field
7 Apr 2019
Urban Tales: Dance like a pro in Xinjiang
24 Mar 2019