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Thai animal welfare group saves over 20 cats locked in house
25 Mar 2022
Bersih voices conditional support for Dr M
29 Feb 2020
MACC chief calls on private companies to have own integrity officers as watchdogs
6 Aug 2019
41 people killed in fiery Russian plane crash
6 May 2019
Philippine journalist released on bail after arrest causes outcry
14 Feb 2019
Loke: Cameron Highlands visit part of Transport Ministry programme
8 Jan 2019
Keep it clean, electoral watchdogs warn Cameron Highlands candidates
6 Jan 2019
Bersih 2.0: Anwar committed six electoral offences in PD by-election
26 Oct 2018
Ambiga: PH moral compass must be right from Day 1
17 Sep 2018
Bersih calls for overseas postal voting system revamp
17 Aug 2018
Ramkarpal: Who will watch the watchdogs?
25 Jul 2018
Liow: MCA to safeguard Chinese rights through government policy watchdog
8 Apr 2018