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Thailand builds a massive floating hydro-solar farm
21 Apr 2021
Thai tourism authority invites public to taste "volcano durian" at orchards
6 Jun 2018
Young novice impresses temple goers with sharp memory
4 Apr 2018
New chrysanthemums field welcomes tourists
28 Dec 2017
Space debris scattered over Ubon Ratchathani
16 Nov 2017
Lonely woman seeks soulmate by placing banner at her gate
7 Nov 2017
School embarks on flower growing project
21 Sep 2017
Ex-army man reaps the fruit of his labour
28 Aug 2017
Technician invents papaya shredder for Som Tam preparation
22 Aug 2017
A husband's love knows no bounds....
10 Aug 2017
Teacher transferred for publicly shaming student
10 Aug 2017
Fermented beef sausages sell like hot cakes online
5 Jun 2017
Elderly folk participate in laughing competition
28 Apr 2017
Fountain and flower display this Songkran
12 Apr 2017
Officials seize 7,000kgs worth of smuggled garlic
13 Mar 2017
Traders doing brisk business selling second-hand cold weather garments in Ubon Ratchathani
2 Dec 2016
Naga Fireball Festival to attract a large number of visitors
12 Oct 2016
Ubon Ratchathani hopes to draw more tourists with new facilities and cultural activities
27 Sep 2016
Roasted garden lizard salad is a tasty dish that also gets you the chicks
16 Mar 2016