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Police arrest man caught on CCTV stealing a car battery in Kinarut, Sabah
25 Sep 2023
Singaporean woman injured by snatch thief in Batu Caves
19 Apr 2023
Did sports car drivers give chase to a snatch thief in Ipoh?
28 Feb 2023
Boozed-up burglar found passed out by homeowner
24 Jan 2023
Telekung-wearing man charged with stealing phones in mosques
29 Dec 2022
Cops tracking down snatch thief who stole necklace in Setapak Jaya
25 Sep 2022
Goldsmith shop thief in Teluk Intan nabbed
16 Jul 2022
Thief on rooftop arrested after being spotted by residents
6 Apr 2022
Snatch theft suspect nabbed by onlookers
30 Sep 2021
Woman fined RM2,000 for lodging false report of getting stabbed by snatch thief
18 Aug 2021
Cops: Woman made up story that she was attacked by snatch thief
17 Aug 2021
Civilian heroes catch snatch thieves at Gombak Toll
23 Jan 2021
Snatch thief in viral video nabbed
20 Jan 2021
Two snatch thefts - same location, same day!
17 Jan 2021
Cops hunting down snatch thieves following viral video
23 Nov 2020
Mentakab car thief in viral video arrested in Subang Jaya
29 Sep 2020
'Kissing the hand of a thief': Dr M baffled how people are influenced by person facing trial for stealing
20 Jan 2020
Tun M: Najib is now a hero, but orange shirts await him
28 Feb 2019
Azmin: Najib didn’t steal people’s hearts, he stole money
14 Feb 2019
Najib: 'I'm a thief of the people's hearts'
13 Feb 2019
Najib: I am not a thief, robber or villain
6 Nov 2018
Teen bike thief caught in the act
18 Oct 2018
Najib: Charges will allow me to clear my name, that I’m not a thief
20 Sep 2018
Seattle plane thief identified, now FBI probes how it happened
13 Aug 2018
Suspected car thief dies after crashing vehicle
17 Jul 2018
'Nab A Thief' rally at Sogo, KL, disperses peacefully
14 Apr 2018
Netizens hail supercop
5 Mar 2018
Accused handphone thief at Low Yat freed and says the episode is over
3 Mar 2018
Man hurt as bystanders catch snatch thief near KK mall
27 Feb 2018
Cops nab brothers over snatch theft of elderly woman’s bag in Kota Baru
25 Feb 2018
Century-old bell and main hall destroyed in Seremban temple fire
21 Jan 2018
Terengganu sets up "Polis Rakan Masjid" to curb crime in mosques
19 Dec 2017
Thai woman almost made encounter with thief at home
6 Dec 2017
Nanny tackles female thief in US
3 Dec 2017
While others pray, she steals
22 Nov 2017
Telco battery thief caught red-handed
8 Nov 2017
Man steals car with four-year-old girl still inside
3 Oct 2017
Tourist falls victim to snatch theft at hotel entrance
6 Sep 2017