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Fast food worker injured after car rams into hypermarket
1 Sep 2021
All 507 Tropicana resort workers undergo Covid-19 test
15 Oct 2020
Shoppers bear long queues ahead of PM’s announcement over Covid-19
16 Mar 2020
Armed men make off with RM700k in Bangi jewellery heist
31 Jul 2019
The trolley was once filled with handbags and cash, Azmin reminds ‘Bossku’
16 Feb 2019
Najib: 'I'm a thief of the people's hearts'
13 Feb 2019
Thailand's Tesco Lotus to close nationwide as a sign of respect on the Royal cremation day
9 Oct 2017
PowerTalks April 2017: Paul Ritchie (Full Video)
29 Apr 2017
Tesco: Fair prices to our customers a priority
29 Apr 2017
Ritchie: Let's use reusable bags
29 Apr 2017
Ritchie: Hypermarkets will get smaller
29 Apr 2017
Ritchie: Digital shopping at slower pace in Malaysia
29 Apr 2017
CIMB to open kiosks in Tesco stores
31 Mar 2016
Tesco ties up with CIMB for home delivery
31 Mar 2016