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Steering system failure may be cause of tanker, cargo ship collision
11 Jul 2021
The Straits Times | 31 new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Singapore
6 Jan 2021
Tanker driver charged over fatal crash involving Pahang Health Dept personnel
11 Dec 2020
Pahang health dept nurse, driver killed in crash
7 Dec 2020
Sri Lanka to sue owner of leaking supertanker
9 Sep 2020
Police investigating two viral videos of children driving lorry, car in Negri Sembilan
8 Sep 2020
Death toll rises to 19 in east China tank truck blast
14 Jun 2020
Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway
1 Jun 2020
Some 1,000 tonnes of waste dumped into Negri Sembilan river
10 Dec 2019
Oil tanker catches fire near Menora Tunnel, causes congestion
13 Nov 2019
Six feared trapped after Taiwan bridge collapses
1 Oct 2019
Diesel tanker crashes on NKVE; bus falls into drain
3 Aug 2019
SPAN to investigate burst water pipes in Klang
7 May 2019
Burst pipes leave Klang residents without water for two days
6 May 2019
Oil tanker laden with petrol on fire
17 Feb 2019
Fuel tanker crash in Congo kills at least 39
8 Oct 2018
Bus accident near Pagoh kills three
3 Jun 2018
Tanker rammed into three cars waiting for traffic light
27 Apr 2018
Man breaks his leg in Segamat road rage
27 Jan 2018
China cleaning up 260 sqkm oil slick caused by ships collision
20 Jan 2018
Stricken tanker leaves large oil slick in East China Sea
15 Jan 2018
Burning Iranian oil tanker in East China Sea sinks
14 Jan 2018
11 men charged over Singapore Shell oil heist
9 Jan 2018
Burning tanker off China coast may explode and sink
8 Jan 2018
U.S. Navy relieves 7th Fleet commander after collisions
23 Aug 2017
U.S. Navy to halt operations after USS John S. McCain crash
22 Aug 2017
Malaysia says they are leading the SAR for missing US sailors
21 Aug 2017
Fatal tanker lorry accident causes acid spill, road closure
12 Aug 2017
Thai and Malaysian navy hunt for pirates off coastal waters
28 Jun 2017
MISC expects sustained petroleum-shipping business
19 Apr 2016