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Robbers hold up a convenience store with bug spray
5 Dec 2023
The Straits Times | The art of toy photography
27 Jun 2022
Sprinklers and scarves help Indians seeking relief from heatwave
16 May 2022
Covid-19: M'sia in midst of developing methods to administer vaccine through nasal spray
7 Mar 2022
The Straits Times | Spray-paint a wall in Kampong Glam and explore its past 
12 May 2021
Soldier sues Virginia police over violent traffic stop
12 Apr 2021
The Straits Times | Covid-19 nasal vaccines
31 Mar 2021
Drone technology helps farming go smart in southern China
23 Mar 2021
“No more questions from you!” - Thai PM sprays reporters to end presser
9 Mar 2021
Three women questioned over vandalism of Shah Alam mural
3 Sep 2020
Elderly couple in Johor 'paying' for sister's debts
28 Aug 2020
DIGP: We have new leads on vandalism of Shah Alam mural
29 Jul 2020
Mah: Teachers' primary role is to ensure safety of students
12 Jun 2020
Thousands attend Hong Kong Tiananmen memorials
5 Jun 2020
Police fire pepper spray at Hong Kong protesters
14 May 2020
Brothers disinfecting public areas with DIY mix in Johor
24 Mar 2020
Covid-19: Disinfectant tunnel in China sprays workers
13 Feb 2020
Clashes erupt in Hong Kong as police try to clear protesters after Uighur rally
23 Dec 2019
Pilot escapes unhurt after light aircraft crash
9 Nov 2019
Jets of blue dye, water fired at Kowloon Mosque
21 Oct 2019
Hundreds of catfish poured out from clogged drain
5 Jul 2019
Hong Kong police clear legislative building
2 Jul 2019
A splashing start to usher in Thai New Year in Penang
13 Apr 2019
Golden Hearts Award 2018: Efinity Social Enterprise
7 Dec 2018
Foreign vandals arrested and fined for spray painting at public areas
22 Dec 2017