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China's taikonaut Zhai performs spacewalk again
8 Nov 2021
NASA unveils spacecraft that targets asteroids
5 Nov 2021
Russian crew wrap up their first film in space
17 Oct 2021
China's cargo craft docks with space station core module
21 Sep 2021
China declares Shenzhou-12 space mission a success after return of its astronauts
17 Sep 2021
A glimpse of landing site of Shenzhou-12 spacecraft
17 Sep 2021
Chinese astronauts leave space station module for Earth
16 Sep 2021
China's Shenzhou-12 crewed spacecraft docks with space station module
17 Jun 2021
China launches crewed spacecraft Shenzhou-12 in historic mission
17 Jun 2021
Astronaut trio looking forward to tomorrow’s China spaceship launch
16 Jun 2021
China succeeds in first Mars landing
16 May 2021
Chinese rocket for space station mission transported to launch site
24 Feb 2021
China's Chang'e-5 spacecraft takes off from moon with samples
4 Dec 2020
SpaceX launch marks a new era for NASA
16 Nov 2020
Space crew survives plunge to Earth after Russian rocket fails
11 Oct 2018
Angkasa says chances of spacecraft falling to Malaysia are very low
16 Nov 2017